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Amazon II Cyclone III Harrier Hawkeye Songbird

Amazon II (200) - Blackheath - Cyclone III - Harrier - Hawkeye (250) - Skine - Songbird (250)

Atlas Baron Zemo II Fixer II Jolt II MACH-3 Moonstone II

Atlas (250) - Baron Zemo II - Fixer II (250) - Jolt II (250) - MACH-3 (250) - Moonstone (372)


Charcoal Ogre

Charcoal (250) - Ogre

  Team leader:  Hawkeye/Baron Zemo II
  Other members:  Amazon II, Atlas, Fixer II, Jolt II, MACH-3, Moonstone II, 
  Former members:  Charcoal, Orge, Techno II.
  Allies:  Angel II, Black Widow, Citizen V III, Scourge IX, Avengers.  
  Major enemies:  Baron Zemo II, Masters Of Evil VI, Lightning Rods,
  First appearence:  Incredible Hulk II #449
  About the team:  The Thunderbolts were originally created by the villain
   Baron Zemo II, in a scheme to gain access to the resources of the 
   Avengers and Fantastic Four, who had recently been believed killed.
   He created a super team made up of former member of the Masters of Evil,
   and gave them new identities as members of the Thunderbolts.  Things
   went well for Zemo until most of the Thunderbolts rebeled and decided 
   to become real heroes!  Since their formation they have lost Zemo and
   Techno as members, and Mach-1 has turned himself in to the authorities.
   They have gained Jolt, Charcoal and Hawkeye as members. 

Chronology of Appearances:

  • Thunderbolts #1-26
    Issue Summary:

    Increbible Hulk II #449 Thunderbolts #4 Thunderbolts #15 Thunderbolts #16 Thunderbolts #20

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