The Zoamorph

The Zoamorph is a creation of mine based loosely on the Aptom character in the Guyver comic book and anime series. For those unfamiliar with the character, Aptom was one of the ''Lost Unit'' created at Chronos Japan. He was an experiment to create a Zoanoid that could adapt his form for a variety of uses, however he ended up being less powerful then his creators had hoped, and it was impossible to create more like him. Later, the Zoalord, Doctor Valcrus, experimented on him, enhancing his powers tremendously, he became a genetic parasite capable of absorbing the powers of any Zoanoid. Unfortunately Valcrus' tinkering also made him completely immune to Zoalord mind control, and he went rogue. This character class is based on the idea that Chronos later perfected what they were trying to create with Aptom, an adaptable shapeshifter spy. The character type can be used in both Rifts and Nightspawn settings.

Game Statistics:

Note: In order to create a Zoamorph character you need a copy of Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition.

Making a Heroes Unlimited style Zoamorph:

  • Step 1: The Eight Attributes - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 2: Hit Point and S.D.C. - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 3: Determining Super Abilities - Choose the experiment power category. Cause of mutation should be Genetic Aberration. Unusual physical characteristics should result in none. Super abilities should yield one major and three minor super abilities which are Shapeshifter, Extraordinary Physical Endurance, Extraordinary Physical Strength and Healing Factor.
  • Step 4: Determining Education and Abilities -
  • Step 5: Picking an Alignment -
  • Step 6: Rounding Out One's Character -

  • Details: The Zoamorph is a creation of the genetic labs at the Chronos Corporation. A highly adaptable zoaform, the Zoamorph is less powerful then a Zoanoid, but is highly useful in espionage rolls. The original Zoamorph research was done at the Chronos Japan facility, but it suffered from several spectacular failures. Non-reproducible units and unstable mutant forms were the results of their research. The research was transferred to other branches, who eventually perfected a Zoamorph that had useful capabilities, was reproducible, and highly stable.

    The Zoamorph is different from most zoaforms in they do not have a human and combat form, but instead have a highly variable body that can adapt to any need. Their physical abilities are generally greater than a normal human, but not a powerful as most Zoanoids.

    On Rifts Earth the descendants of these mutants usually carry on their genetic legacy, but rarely express their mutant traits. The Zoamorph genetic code is highly recessive. Only the occasional human, whose parents were carriers of the Zoamorph genes has a small chance of expressing them.

    The Shapeshifter ability grants them.

    The Extraordinary Physical Endurance ability grants them a high amount of hit points and S.D.C., as well as the ability to continue physical activity long after normal humans would have tired out. They also get a bonus to save against magic spells.

    The Extraordinary Physical Strength ability gives them natural physical power equal to the strongest normal humans.

    The Healing Factor ability grants them even more hit points as well as the ability to recover from any attack that hasn't killed them in a short period of time.
    Additional material:

    Nightspawn notes: On Nightspawn Earth the Chronos Corporation can be adapted into the story line with a few alterations. First their research is not based on the study of alien technology, but is an attempt to genetically engineer supernatural beings. They have secretly developed the technology to break down the genetic structure of such creatures as Werewolves, Nightspawn, and several Nightlands creatures. The Zoanoids are an attempt to recreate humans into supernatural soldiers.

    While Chronos kept it's activities secret, they were not prepared for a rival in world domination. Luckily for Chronos they learned about the existence of the Nightlords before the Nightlords discovered them. Their plans to take the world by force were put on hold when the Zoalords learned what they were up against. They new that a few thousand Zoanoids were no match for the millions of minions of the Nightlords. Chronos have just barely been successful in keeping the Nightlord's minions out of Chronos, through special blood screenings they are able to spot infiltrators, and arrange for ''accidents'' before these spies can report back. Chronos is firstly dedicated to keeping it's agenda a secret from the Nightlords, and secondly, it plans to increase it forces so that it can one day stand against the Nightlords.

    While Zoamorphs are more powerful then normal humans, they are no match for most Nightspawn or minions of the Nightlords in combat. Only their shapeshifting and skills make them a force to be reckoned with. Of course as creatures of Earth, Zoamorphs have Nightlands counterparts. The nemesis of Zoamorphs include Asmedia, Nightprinces and others.

    Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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