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Commander Gyro - 

The Zoalords are the controllers of the Chronos Corporation. Once human, they have become powerful mutants bent on world domination through genetic engineering. I have tried to faithfully recreate the Zoalord from the comic book and Anime series, which was obscenely powerful. They are meant strictly as N.P.C.'s who could stand toe to toe with a Nightlord. Only the fact that their numbers are so few keeps them from directly challenging the Nightlords. They are biding their time, undermining the Nightlords and building their armies until they feel they can challenge them. Also note that the Zoalords do not want Earth destroyed, they want to rule it, so this often puts them in the unusual role as heroes fighting secretly against the Nightlords plans. Of course they only want to save the Earth so they can take it over themselves.

This R.C.C. is mostly based on the abilities of the characters of Commander Gyro and Doctor Valcrus. Mister Murakami was a Zoalord prototype, and therefore not as powerful as a full Zoalord. Alkanphel, the supreme Zoalord that appeared in the last series of the comics was a unique powerful being, who even the other Zoalords feared. The Zoalord depicted in the live action Guyver movie has nothing to do with this character class.

Commander Gyro - Combat

The Zoalord is the triumph of genetic engineering of the Chronos Corporation. They are incredibly powerful mutants with vast physical and mental powers. They have extensive powers over gravity, bio-energy, and psionic control of Zoanoids. The process is reserved only for the board of directors of the Chronos Corporation, which usually is about a dozen or so members.

Like Zoanoids, a Zoalord has two forms, a human guise, and a combat form. Unlike Zoanoids though, the Zoalord is immensely powerful even in human form, and downright terrifying in combat form. While a Zoanoid is susceptible to psionics, a Zoalord has vast psionic powers in any form, which they can use to sense and control their Zoanoid armies.

It should be remembered that the Zoalords rarely engage in physical combat with anyone. They know that true power comes in what and who you control. They will often kidnap, bribe or blackmail others into doing their dirty work. They rarely go out in public, and are always accompanied by their personal bodyguards, 2D4 loyal Hyper-Zoanoids.

Combat Form Alignment: Technically any, but all the current Zoalords on Earth are evil.
Rifts O.C.C.'s: Any Men of Arms or Scholar and Adventurer O.C.C. that doesn't have psionic, magical or supernatural powers. Common O.C.C.'s include the spies, scouts and city rats. Use the Nightlord experience table
Nightspawn O.C.C.: The heads of the Chronos Corporation were all once human, and can be any non-psionic, non-magic O.C.C. Most Zoalords were once human scientists or businessmen. They use the Nightlord experience table.
Attributes: I.Q.: 1D6+18, M.E.: 1D6+18, M.A.: 3D6, P.S.: 1D6+18, P.P.: 1D6+18, P.E.: 1D6+18, P.B.: 3D6, S.P.D.: 1D6+18. Their Gravity Manipulation super ability grants them limited flight.
Hit points: P.E.x4 plus 4D6 per level of experience in human form. Use the P.E. of their combat from to determine hit points.
S.D.C.: 200 in human form.
M.D.C.: On Rifts Earth the Zoalord is an mega-damage creature in any form, with an M.D.C. equal to his combined hit points and S.D.C.
P.P.E.: 1D4+1, the Zoalord process burns off most available P.P.E.
Horror Factor: None normally in human form, but 14 when transforming, and 18 when displaying their full powers.
Weight: 125 - 250 lbs.
Size: 5-8 feet tall.
Natural Abilities: The Zoalord is immune to magical transformation, the same as the Nightspawn ability. They have night vision and superior day vision. Their strength is considered supernatural in any form. The Zoalord also regenerates at an amazing rate of 2D6 per melee round. Severed limbs and destroyed organs regrow in one day. They can assume a combat form similar to the way a Nightspawn assumes his Morphus. They have the major super ability of Natural Combat Ability in any form and while in combat form the Zoalord has the equivalent of the major super abilities of Gravity Manipulation and Superior Energy Expulsion (bio-energy). While in combat form they have +20 P.S., +20 P.E., +10 P.P., x2 Spd., and their hit points and S.D.C and multiplied by four.
Combat: As per hand to hand skills and bonuses.
Damage: See Supernatural Strength Table for damage.
Bonuses: +8 vs. horror factor, +5 vs. magic.
Psionics: The Zoalord is a master psychic with a number of unique abilities.
  • Sense Zoanoids: The Zoalord can sense the presence and position of all Zoanoids within 1 mile per level of experience. They know their exact numbers and position. This ability is automatic and costs no I.S.P.
  • Eavesdrop on Zoanoid: The Zoalord can choose to see and hear through a single Zoanoid's eyes and ears if they are within sensing range. Once activated, they can continue to function normally, while receiving the sensory input. Costs 2 I.S.P. to activate for 5 minutes per level of experience. They can eavesdrop on one Zoanoid per level of experience at a time.
  • Command Zoanoid: Similar to the Hypnotic Suggestion psionic power, but can be done to any Zoanoids in their sensing range, and effects 10 Zoanoids per level of experience. Remember that most Zoanoids are vulnerable to psionics. Costs only 5 I.S.P. to activate.
  • Possess Zoanoids: Same as the possession psionic power, but can effect any one Zoanoid in the sensing range.
  • Common Psionics: They also get 4 powers from any of the categories of sensitive or physical. I.S.P. is M.E.x2 plus 4D6x10 plus 4D6 per level of experience. Considered a master psychic.

  • Magic: None, cannot use magic, but they are highly resistant to it.
    Appearance: Appears human usually, but as the Zoalord process is very difficult, odd abnormalities do show up in the human form. Often a vestigial psionic third eye, oddly shaped ears, or unusual hair growth is apparent in human form. In combat form they are tall humanoids with odd colored skin, a muscular body, and odd additional sensor globes and spikes around the body, particularly the head.
    Depth Tolerance: 1 mile in human form, 5 miles in combat form.
    Vulnerabilities: None.

    Nightspawn notes: On Nightspawn Earth the Chronos Corporation can be adapted into the story line with a few alterations. First their research is not based on the study of alien technology, but is an attempt to genetically engineer supernatural beings. They have secretly developed the technology to break down the genetic structure of such creatures as Werewolves, Nightspawn, and several Nightlands creatures. The Zoanoids are an attempt to recreate humans into supernatural soldiers.

    While Chronos kept it's activities secret, they were not prepared for a rival in world domination. Luckily for Chronos they learned about the existence of the Nightlords before the Nightlords discovered them. Their plans to take the world by force were put on hold when the Zoalords learned what they were up against. They knew that a few thousand Zoanoids were no match for the millions of minions of the Nightlords. Chronos have just barely been successful in keeping the Nightlord's minions out of Chronos, through special blood screenings they are able to spot infiltrators, and arrange for ''accidents'' before these spies can report back. Chronos is firstly dedicated to keeping it's agenda a secret from the Nightlords, and secondly, it plans to increase it forces so that it can one day stand against the Nightlords.

    Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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