Triceraton R.C.C.

The Triceraton R.C.C. was first introduced to to Palladium books in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide to the Universe back in 1987. They were an alien race that had built a powerful empire. Well here is the Triceraton R.C.C. for use in the Phase World and Rifts settings.

About 70 years ago a dimensional anomaly in Transgalatic Empire space resulted in the introduction of two new species to the Three Galaxies. A race called the Triceratons had planned a surprise attack on a Ka'Trib ruled planet by using a stolen teleportation system. They had planned to teleport thousands of Triceraton troopers right into the heart of a Ka'Trib capitol. The result would have been a quick victory for the Triceratons if not for the interference of one of the aliens that the teleportation technology was stolen from. In an attempt to stop the use of their technology for evil purposes, the alien sabotaged the system at the last second, causing a massive dimensional anomaly. The result was that the entire Triceraton attack force, as well as a major portion of the Ka'Trib capitol that was their target was transported to small planet in the Transgalatic Empire.

Both Triceratons and Ka'Trib were amazed to discover themselves on a jungle planet inhabited by only animals. More amazing is that they were both transformed into mega-damage beings, capable of crushing stone and steel in their bare hands, and surviving the most powerful weapons fire either side had access too.

When a nearby planet ruled by the Kreegor picked up the dimensional anomaly on their instruments, several scout ships were launched to discover what had happened. To their surprise they discovered two races in the middle of a war. A few blasts from their M.D.C. weapons put a stop to the fighting, and all the Triceratons and Ka'Trib were captured by the Transgalatic Empire.

Over the course of years both the Triceratons and Ka'Trib were assimilated into the Transgalatic Empire. Triceratons seem to get along well with the Kreeghor, although they do resent them a little. Triceraton units usually consist of mostly Triceraton forces and an officer, along with a Kreeghor, Human, or Wolfen Transgalatic Empire advisor. Triceratons have a dislike for Machine People, who they say reminds them of an old adversary.

I.Q.: 3D6
M.E.: 3D6
M.A.: 3D6+2
P.S.: 4D6+11
P.E.: 3D6+11
P.P.: 3D6
P.B.: 3D6
Spd.: 2D6
P.P.E.: 4D6
I.S.P.: None, unless a rare psionic.
M.D.C.: When on Rifts Earth, the Three Galaxies, Wormwood, or similar dimensions, the Triceraton is a mega-damage creature, with an M.D.C. of P.E.+115 plus 1D6 per level of experience.
Psionics: Only 5 percent of Triceratons have minor psionics.
Size: 60 plus 2D6 inches tall.
Horror Factor: 14
Weight: 400 plus 1D100 lbs.
Age: Lives about 100 years.
Abilities: The Triceraton has supernatural strength and the equivalent of the Adaption major super ability given in Rifter #1. All bonuses for Adaption have already been added in. Before coming to the Three Galaxies, the Triceratons were S.D.C. beings with the ability to adapt slowly to alien atmospheres. Now they are M.D.C. beings who can quickly adapt their lungs as well as physiologies to most any environment. This includes such radical adaptions and underwater gills, gliding membranes, and climbing claws. The mutigens in their bodies have been enhanced by the high ambient P.P.E. levels in the Three Galaxies.
Bonuses: +3 to save vs. poison and magic, and +2 to save vs. psionics, +15% to save us coma/death. They also gain an additional attack that can be made with their muscular, long tail.
Damage: Punches and tail strikes do damage based on their supernatural strength. Horn attack do 1D6 M.D.C. If they have adapted climbing claws they can add 1D4 to hand to hand damage.
O.C.C.'s: Most common is the Imperial Legionaire, Galactic Tracer, Turbo Jockey and Invincible Guardsman. If playing an Invincible Guardsman, they get the normal super abilities for that O.C.C. plus the Adaption ability normal to their race. Note: Use the Seljak R.C.C. table or the one for their O.C.C., whichever is greater.
Allies/Enemies: Most Triceratons are still associated with the Transgalatic Empire, but most value other Triceratons before any other race, including the Kreeghor. The Coalition States would consider them dangerous monsters to be destroyed on sight if they appeared on Rifts earth. Also Lone Star would love to get ahold of one so they could attempt to duplicate their Adaption ability.
Limitations: An air supply and moderate protection is needed to survive in space. Even their Adaption ability can't quite cope with a hard vacuum.
Appearence: They appear to be humanoid triceratops dinosaurs with long tails. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and they have three long horns on their heads. Although they are about as tall as a human, they are more broadly built and composed of thick bone and muscle, accounting for their great weight.
Equipment: Whatever is appropiate for their O.C.C. The Kreeghor have manufactured both armor and power armor that fit the Triceraton body.