The Slayer

An R.C.C. for the Beyond the Supernatural,
Heroes Unlimited and Nightspawn role playing game's.

Background: In the world of Nightspawn Slayers are a semi-mystical mutant sub-race of human kind. They are born of normal human parents and always female. Before dark day their numbers were small, and only a few manifested their full potential at any time. Since dark day their has been an explosion in their numbers due the sudden increase in mystical energy on the Earth. Most likely their numbers have always been this large, but few ever manifested their powers and they lived out their lives not knowing they had such potential. Some sages believe that their appearance is a natural reaction to the increased number of supernatural monsters on Earth, creating a human predator of the supernatural to help maintain a balance.

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Appearance: Slayers are human in appearance. They are always female and appear physically fit, but not unusually so. Slayers usually manifest their power in their mid to late teens. Sadly their rough life style and obsession with destroying supernatural monsters means they rarely live past their late 20's.

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Game Statistics:

Note: In order to create a Slayer character you need a copy of Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition.

Making a Heroes Unlimited style Slayer:

  • Step 1: The Eight Attributes - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 2: Hit Point and S.D.C. - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 3: Determining Super Abilities - Choose the mutant power category. Cause of mutation should be Genetic Aberration. Unusual physical characteristics should result in angelic beautiful face. Super abilities should yield one major and three minor super abilities which are Natural Combat Abilities, Extraordinary Mental Endurance, Extraordinary Physical Endurance and Superhuman Strength.
  • Step 4: Determining Education and Abilities - Choose a high school level education. May have or may have not actually graduated high school depending on when their Slayer powers manifested. Slayers rarely continue formal education once their powers manifest.
  • Step 5: Picking an Alignment - Choose any. Slayers can vary dramatically with their outlook on the world. Some are holy crusaders on a mission, others are kill demons for the sport. Many rarely care what gets in their way. Anarchist is most common, with Principled and Miscreant being extremely rare.
  • Step 6: Rounding Out One's Character - Roll all as normal with the following limitations. Weight should range only from thin to husky. Age should be determined by rolling 1D8+12. When extraordinary abilities manifested should be either early or late teens. The Slayer should get the optional insanity of Obsession - Destroying Supernatural Monsters.

  • Faith Details: The Slayer represented here is closely based on the Vampire Slayers from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television series.

    The Natural Fighting Abilities super ability grants them uncanny fighting skills despite their lack of training. They can jump incredible heights, dodge attacks normal people could not, utilize almost any weapon with skill and get five attacks per melee round at first level, where normal humans get only two.

    The Extraordinary Mental Endurance ability grants them bonuses to save vs. psionic attacks as well as a high resistance to Horror Factor. Increase M.E. to 21+2D4, needs a 12+ to save vs. psionic attack, +6 to save vs. mind altering drugs, horror factor and possession, +1 to save vs. magical illusions.

    The Extraordinary Physical Endurance ability grants them a high amount of hit points and S.D.C., as well as the ability to continue physical activity long after normal humans would have tired out. They also get a bonus to save against magic spells. Add 1D6+5 to P.E., 4D4x10 to S.D.C. and 3D6 to hit points. Add an additional 1D4 per level to hit points. Fatigues at half the normal rate as a human.

    The Superhuman Strength ability gives them the raw physical power that makes them a match for most vampires and demons and superior to any normal human.

    The Slayer character class is suited for Nightspawn and Beyond the Supernatural role playing game's. If played in Nightspawn you may wish to grant them O.C.C. skills based on either the Nightspawn student or gang member class instead of the ones listed in Heroes Unlimited. Slayers in Nightspawn are commonly associated with the Seekers or the Spook Squad. They use the experience table for mutant characters provided in the Heroes Unlimited book. Their abilities make them about physically equal to the average first level Nightspawn, with the bonus of not needing to change into a Morphus, however lack they special Morphus bonuses, magic or Nightspawn talents. If used in a player character group that includes supernatural creatures they can usually restrain their obsession to destroy them if they prove themselves to be either good friends or allies in their mission. If used in Rifts they can be any non-magic, non-supernatural, non-psychic O.C.C. available to humans that has an experience table less then the Slayers.

    Additional material: In order to make these characters more like those on the television series, you may wish to add a precognitive dream ability similar to those of the Guardians. This is less a real power and more a plot device usable by the G.M. to start adventures for Slayer characters.

    Converted to Palladium role playing game rules by Mathew R. Ignash, November, 2001 (

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