Gamma World Conversion: Serf R.C.C.

From the biological archives of Lazlo:

Serf Species: Homo Serfia

Background: The Serfs are a stable mutant human race found mostly around the Pecos Empire. The are possibly one of the earliest attempts by Lone Star to create a race of super powered humans. They seem to be genetically similar to humans and are capable for reproducing with humans, but not mutant humans or human related races like Ogres or Amazons. These offspring are always sterile male serfs. Only a true male and female Serf can produce fertile offspring.

Appearance: These humanoids have claws instead of fingers on their hands and a bony plate covers the top and backs of their heads.

Game Statistics:

Alignment: Any, but tend towards anarchist and evil.
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6+2
M.E.: 4D6
M.A.: 3D6
P.S.: 2D6+6
P.P.: 4D6
P.E.: 3D6+2
P.B.: 3D4
Spd.: 3D6
Hit Points: P.E. plus 1D6 per level
S.D.C.: 140
P.P.E. 2D6
I.S.P.: Same as a human major psychic.
Average Life Span: 90 years.

Natural Abilities: Serfs are more solidly built then humans. This is reflected in their high P.S. and P.E. They also have the equivalent of Robotic P.S. Serfs have claws that do an additional 1D4 S.D.C. damage in hand to hand combat. These claws emit a poison equal to rattlesnake poison. Serfs display a variety of super abilities. They have a control over light that gives them the equivalent of the minor super ability Bend Light and the major super ability Invisibility. They can also control the density of objects. Treat of the Density Control major super ability in Rifter number one that effects other objects, and both increase and decrease density. They are +2 to save vs. poisons and are immune to Serf poison.

Psionics: Serfs have the super psionic power of Mind Bolt and the Mind Bleeder power of Healing Leech. Serfs are considered major psychics, but cannot gain any other psionic powers.

O.C.C.'s: Commonly include Wilderness Scout, Bandit, any mercenary and Vagabond. They can choose any non-psionic non-magic O.C.C. Use the Kreegor R.C.C. experience table from Rifts Phase world or the one for their chosen O.C.C., whichever is higher.

Created by TSR for the Gamma World RPG.
Picture created by Larry Elmore.
Converted to Rifts rules by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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