Perytonian R.C.C.

The Perytonian race originally appeared as one of the member races of the Sentinels RPG. This is an interpretation of the Perytonian race set in the Phase World setting. It is also appropriate as a D-Bee in Rifts or Wormwood, or as an alien in Heroes Unlimited or Skraypers.

The planet Peryton is a member of the United Worlds of Warlock and is located in the Anvil Galaxy. The Perytonians of today are the survivors of a great nuclear war that nearly destroyed them thousands of years ago.

The surviving Perytonians are a race of mutants, who vary to some degree in appearance. The basic Perytonian is human-like, but with no hair, pointed ears, and an elongates head that comes to a small point. Almost all have some mutant features.

One unusual trait of all Perytonians is they all have some level of ability to control electricity and gravity. The majority of Perytonians dedicate their life to learning greater levels of control over this ability, and are known as Energy Wizards. This ability closely resembles magic, even utilizing Potential Psionic Energy. Spells can only be learned through years of intense study and training, and can only be learned by Perytonians. No other form of magic or psionic power can be gained.

The technology level of Peryton is actually slightly low compared to the majority of the civilized Three Galaxies. It more closely resembles Earth of the mid 21st century, except for their advanced knowledge of gravity manipulation, which is greater than or equal some of the best technology found on Phase World. Because of the Perytonians ability to control gravity, they have a greater understanding of that science.

I.Q.: 3D6
M.E.: 3D6
M.A.: 3D6
P.S.: 3D6
P.E.: 3D6
P.P.: 3D6
P.B.: 2D6
Spd.: 3D6
I.S.P.: None
Hit Points: P.E. plus 1D6 per level of experience.
S.D.C.: 20 plus 2D6.
M.D.C.: None
Psionics: None
Height: 5 feet plus 3D6 inches tall.
Horror Factor: None
Weight: 130 plus 2D4x10 lbs.
Age: Lives about 100 years.
Damage: Punches and tail strikes do damage based on their PS.
O.C.C.'s: Over 80 percent of the adult Perytonian population are Energy Wizards. The majority of those who choose another O.C.C. grew up off planet. They can choose from any O.C.C. a human can that has no Magic or Psionics.
Allies/Enemies: As members of the UWW the Perytonians are enemies of the Splugorth.
Limitations: Their unusual shaped head and possible horns require them to have specially made helmets when shopping for armor made for most humanoids.
Equipment: Whatever is appropriate for their O.C.C.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, September, 1998 (, Adaption super ability created by Dreamfox.

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