King Ape R.C.C.

Okay, I admit I was in a silly mood when I wrote this, but how often can you play a character who is related to the ''Eighth Wonder Of The World''. That's right, the king of movie monsters had relatives, and they are thriving on Rifts Earth, and the Nightlands.

King Ape

These giant ape like creatures are believed to be survivors from pre-Rifts times. Considered very rare to the point of being mythical by pre-Rifts texts, except for a few documentaries about the rare captured King Ape. Usually such apes either were killed or escaped. King Apes are believed to be a very distant cousin to man, being descended from the first erect hominids, but branching off from man's ancestors long ago. Other radical historians suggest that the King Apes are from another dimension, not native to this earth at all. They have gone so far as to suggest that the pre-Rifts documentaries about the discovery of King Apes were hoaxes or fictional accounts.

King Apes are found in remote areas all around the world, in all environments. From mountain lairs in Asia and Europe, to jungles in South America, and Africa, to the isolated forests of North America. Their powerful swimming abilities may also allow for them to travel from one land mass to another.

Kings Apes are some of the strongest creatures in the megaverse, and continue to grow larger and stronger as they age. Luckily older King Apes often become hermits, retiring to remote places, wanting little to do with other beings.

King Apes rarely associate with their own kind except their mates, and they usually mate for life. Young are chased off by the parents at around 9 or 10 years of age. Young usually wonder for years, settling down later in life.

Although most King Apes are solitary creatures, young apes are curious about civilization, and often become attached to a person or group of people who are nice to it.

I.Q.: 3D4
M.E.: 4D6
M.A.: 3D4
P.S.: 2D6+20 plus 1 per ten years old
P.E.: 5D6, plus 1 per ten years old.
P.P.: 3D6
P.B.: 3D4
Spd.: 12D6
P.P.E.: P.E. plus 5D6
I.S.P.: None, has animal psionics that do not use I.S.P.
Hit points: Equal to P.E. times 2, plus 20 per level of experience.
S.D.C.: 4D4x10 plus 5 per year of age.
M.D.C.: When on Rifts Earth, the Three Galaxies, Wormwood, or similar dimensions, the King ape is a mega-damage creature, with an M.D.C. equal to his combined hit points and S.D.C.
Psionics: Has several sensitive psionics, which are constant and require no I.S.P. to use. These include Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Danger Sense and Empathy. Considered a major psionic.
Horror Factor: 11 to start. Gains +1 for every 40 years of age.
Size: About 10 feet by adolsenence, which is about 10 years of age. But they continue to grow about a foot every five years. Ancient specimens attain incredible sizes.
Weight: Weigh about 2 tons, and their weight increases directly with their size.
Age: Player Characters should start at 9+1D4 years old. Maximum age can be 200 to 300 years. Use the same experience table as the Mind Melter.
Abilities: Although the King Ape has tremendous magical potential, but his potential has been focused into enhanced physical abilities and psychic sensitivity. The King Ape is a mega-damage creature with supernatural strength. He regenerates 1D6 M.D.C. per hour and has a superior sense of hearing (equal to advanced cybernetic hearing) and smell (equal to the Ursine Warrior R.C.C. from Lone Star). They are also powerful swimmers, and can swim for days, sleeping while floating on their backs. They can go without fresh water for P.E. days if they need to.
Bonuses: +3 to roll, +10% to prowl, +2 to save vs psionics, magic and poison, +5 to save vs. Horror Factor.
Damage: As per supernatural strength for HTH damage. Bite does 1D6.
R.C.C. Skills:
Climbing +20%
Detect Ambush: +10%
Language: any one +5%
Land Navigation: +10%
Tracking (humans and animals): +15%
Wilderness Survival +20%
Hand To Hand: Advanced
W.P. Blunt
Secondary Skills: Choose 4 at level 1, and 2 more at levels 3, 6, and 9.
Communications: None
Cowboy: None
Domestic: Any
Electronics: None
Mechanical: None
Military: None
Pilot: None
Technical: Language or Lore only.
Wilderness: Any
Allies: Often associate with Orks, Goblins and lesser giants like Ogres and Gigantes, where their great power is respected. Many are on friendly terms with the Sasquatch and Purcara races. Some King Apes have taken up residence in the Achillies Republic, being invited to live with fellow ''mutant animals'' and several ancient King Apes live on small islands near Japan. These islands are said to be havens for giant creatures.
Limitations: Their great size is often troublesome for those who deal smaller humanoids. Speech is difficult, and usually consists of yells and grunts mixed with single words.
Appearance: A black large humanoid ape. Although their head is completely ape-like, their stance is bipedal, and hands are fully developed. Their feet, while somewhat ape-like, are not prehensile.
Equipment: A blunt weapon doing 1D4 M.D.C. in addition to P.S. damage and little else. Many that have associated with humanoids may wear piecemeal body armor. Many go completely without material possessions, especially more powerful older King Apes, many of which demand tributes from local populations through extortion. Good alignment apes trade their protection services for support by communities of humanoids.

Nightbane notes: On Nightbane Earth the King Ape is very rare, but a good number of these creatures have taken up residence in the Nightlands. Ancient King Apes live deep in the wastes, where few creatures can stand up to their physical power, while young ones are often the prey of powerful supernatural hunters, who do not want to compete with them when the get older.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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