Gamma World Conversion: Kaiute R.C.C.

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From the biological archives of Lazlo:

Kaiute Species: Canis Kaiuteia Sapiens

Background: No one seems quite sure where these humanoids came from. Some say they are early Dog Boy Lone Star experiments who escaped, others say they are mystically enhanced Coyles who worship a dark god. These coyote-like humanoids have a tribal society that is the sworn enemy of humankind. They control large portions of what was once Oklahoma, and are pushing into Texas at an alarming rate. The Kaiutes are well organized, and skilled at traps and sabotage. They are possessed of a black sense of humor, pulling nasty pranks on those they can't or don't want to kill outright. Kaiute packs usually arm themselves with vibro-blades and small arms, and wear makeshift or stolen Dog Boy armor, riding various mounts. Kaiutes are ruthless and opportunistic. Their one weakness is alcohol, and they can be bribed with it in some situations. They worship their own trickster diety, and greatly seem to have an aversion to borgs and bots, treat this as an obsession insanity to hate borgs and bots. Although they seem to constantly be in competition with each other for social standing in the pack, they quickly gang up with each other against outsiders. They seem to possess an uncanny skill for military organization.

Appearance: Appear to be a humanoid coyote, complete with dog-like head and bushy tail. The seem to have a scruffy look about them, and are usually unbathed and carry mismatched, scrounged weapons and armor.

Game Statistics:

Alignment: Any, but tend twards anarchist and evil.
Attributes: I.Q.: 3D6
M.E.: 2D6+4
M.A.: 3D6
P.S.: 3D6+1
P.P.: 4D6+1
P.E.: 3D6
P.B.: 3D4
Spd.: 3D6
Hit Points: P.E. plus 1D6 per level
S.D.C.: 40
P.P.E. 2D6
I.S.P.: 8 None
Average Life Span: 60 years.

Natural Abilities: Kaiutes can bite for 1D8 S.D.C. damage, and have Nightvision 40 feet. They have a Horror Factor of 12. They are natural mimics and can imitate sounds they have heard with remarkable ability. The also possess a power called Body Control which can enhance any one physical ability to incredible levels for 3D6 minutes once per 8 hours. They can gain the equivalent of either the super abilities of Super Vision: Advanced Sight, Heightened Sense of Hearing, Heightened Sense of Touch, Heightened Sense of Smell, Extraordinary Physical Endurance, Extraordinary Physical Prowess, Extraordinary Physical Stregnth for the duration.

Psionics: All Kaiutes seem to possess the minor psionic powers of telekinesis and total recall. These abilities can be used at will and costs no ISP. They also seem to have a natural ability with military matters which seems to be psionic in nature. They get a +10 percent to all O.C.C. and O.C.C. related military and espionage skills, and gain two extra secondary skills from these categories. Kaiutes are considered major psychics, but cannot gain any other psionic powers.

O.C.C.'s: Commonly include Wilderness Scout, Bandit, any mercenary and Vagabond. They will not willingly get bionic or cybernetic implants, or learn to pilot robots. They can choose any non-psionic non-magic O.C.C. Use the experience table for their chosen O.C.C.

Created by and picture provided by Barclay Johnson.
Converted to Rifts rules by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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