The Immortal

An R.C.C. for the Beyond the Supernatural,
Heroes Unlimited and Nightspawn role playing game's.

Background: In the world of Nightspawn Immortals are a semi-mystical mutant sub-race of human kind. They are born of normal human parents. Before dark day their numbers were small, and only a few manifested their full potential at any time. Since dark day their has been an explosion in their numbers due the sudden increase in mystical energy on the Earth. Most likely their numbers have always been this large, but few ever manifested their powers and they lived out their lives not knowing they had such potential.

Older Immortals have established a fighting code among their kind, which they try to teach to young members. This code dictates their conduct when dealing with other Immortals, especially in fights. They are required to respect any holy ground as sacred, and cannot fight on it. They are required to respect a duel between other Immortals, and not interfere or gang up on others of their kind. To break this code would bring down the wraith of the oldest and most powerful Immortals. Most Immortals refuse to kill young members of their kind unless absolutely necessary. A few particularly evil ones do actively hunt young Immortals, seeing them as potential threats.

Appearance: Immortals are human in appearance.

Game Statistics:

Note: In order to create a Immortal character you need a copy of Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition.

Making a Heroes Unlimited style Immortal:

  • Step 1: The Eight Attributes - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 2: Hit Point and S.D.C. - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 3: Determining Super Abilities - Choose the mutant power category. Cause of mutation should be Genetic Aberration. Unusual physical characteristics should result in none. Super abilities should yield one major and two minor super abilities which are Immortality, Extraordinary Physical Prowess, and Healing Factor.
  • Step 4: Determining Education and Abilities - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 5: Picking an Alignment - Choose any. Immortals can vary dramatically with their outlook on the world.
  • Step 6: Rounding Out One's Character - Roll all as normal for humans.

  • Details: The Immortal represented here is loosely based on the characters from the Highlander television series, with allowances made for fitting them into the rules for Heroes Unlimited characters.

    The Immortality ability grants them enhanced life-span, S.D.C. and hit points, as well as resistance to disease.

    The Extraordinary Physical Prowess ability grants them an increased agility and an extra attack per melee, as well as the ability to dodge some attacks.

    The Healing Factor ability grants them even more hit points as well as the ability to recover from any attack that hasn't killed them in a short period of time.

    The Immortal character class is suited for Nightspawn and Beyond the Supernatural role playing game's. Immortals in Nightspawn are commonly associated with the Underground Railroad or the Seekers. They use the experience table for mutant characters provided in the Heroes Unlimited book. Their abilities make them nearly equal to the average first level Nightspawn, with the bonus of not needing to change into a Morphus, however lack special Morphus bonuses, magic or Nightspawn talents. Their lack of an attack that effects supernatural creatures, as well as enhanced agility has lead to the habit of carrying some type of darkblade taken from a Hound. Player characters should start with one or be allowed to take one by the G.M. from their first combat should they win.

    Additional material: In order to make these characters more like those in the Highlander television series, you may wish to add that Immortals cannot produce offspring, and that they have the ability to sense others of their kind, similar to the Nightspawn power, but it only works between Immortals. The sterility has little effect on game play, and the sensing power is both an advantage and disadvantage, so it maintains balance.

    Converted to Palladium role playing game rules by Mathew R. Ignash, November, 2001 (

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