Gorgon R.C.C.

The writeup in Villians Unlimited for the villian Medusa left quite alot unanswered about creating Gorgon characters, so I finished the work. Here it is in a more complete generation table, converted to Rifts rules.

The Gorgon race is an ancient one, thought to be nearly extinct. Some members of this raced are thought to have visited earth long ago. With the coming of the Rifts, some members of this race have appeared on Earth again.

While the true origin of the Gorgon has been lost in time, the truth is they are the product of an ancient Splurgoth Bio-Wizard experiments, in attempt to create super beings based on the Altara warrior women. However, while they were a powerful supernatural race, the process also disrupted their ability to reproduce, and also destroyed their psionics and diminished their natural skills. Gorgons reproduce the same way as an Altara, through a natural cloning, but only do so once every 2D4x10 years. The Intelligence didn't realize that he had inadventaltly added to their lifespan in the same experiements, so he considered them to be non-viable as a warrior-slave race. The Splurgoth that created them sold the few he had off as slaves. A good number of them escaped though a dimensional anomaly that the same Splurgoth was working with. These Gorgons spread throughout the multiverse.

I.Q.: 3D6
M.E.: 4D6
M.A.: 2D6
P.S.: 4D6
P.E.: 4D6
P.P.: 3D6
P.B.: 1D6
Spd.: 5D6
P.P.E.: 4D6
I.S.P.: None
Hit points: Equal to P.E. plus 1D6 per level of experience.
S.D.C.: 4D6x10 plus 20 S.D.C.
M.D.C.: When on Rifts Earth, the Three Galaxies, Wormwood, or similar dimensions, the Gorgon is a mega-damage creature, with an M.D.C. equal to its combined hit points and S.D.C.
Psionics: None, but high M.E. and bonus to save vs. psionics make them resistant to psionics.
Size: 6 feet plus 3D6 inches tall.
Horror Factor: 14
Weight: 100 plus 1D4x10 lbs..
Age: Lives about 300 years.
Abilities: The Gorgon has supernatural stregnth and night vision. It has a natural chameleon ability equal to the spell of the same name, that it can activate at will. Gorgons are also resistant to energy attacks. They take no damage from the first 30 M.D.C. damage of energy attacks each melee round. They are also immune to stun type energy weapons. The bite from their snake heads injects a venom that induces paralysis. A fail to save vs poison paralyzes the victim for 1D6 minutes. A successful save means -1 ti init., strike, parry and dodge.
Bonuses: +8 to init., +3 to strike, +4 to parry, +2 to pull punch/roll and save vs. poison, magic, and psionics.
Damage: Bites from snake heads does only 1D4 S.D.C.damage, even on Rifts Earth, but clubbing with several tenticles and kicking does full damage based on supernatural stregnth.
R.C.C. Skills: (note: use the Borg experience table.)
Dance +4%
Fish +5%
Intelligence +6%
Land Navigation +10%
Language: Greek 90%
Language: Latin 90%
Math: Basic 98%
Prowl 60% plus 2% per level
Wilderness Survival +9%
HTH: Basic
W.P.: Three ancient of choice.
Secondary Skills: Choose 5 at level 1, and 2 more at levels 3, 6, and 9.
Communications: Any
Cowboy: None
Domestic: Any
Electronics: None
Mechianical: None
Medical: None
Military: None
Physical: Any
Pilot: Any
Pilot Related: Any
Technical: Any
Wilderness: Any
Allies/Enemies: Very few allies, they are wary of humanoids, and fear Splurgoth minions. The Coalition States considers them dangerous monsters to be destroyed on sight.
Limitations: They lack true hands, using only their snake heads for manipulation. They are -20% to preform delicate skills.
Appearence: Gorgons appear to be female semi-humanoids, with their lower body looking completely human, and their upper body being a mass of coiled snakes. If a snake it severed it takes 4D6 days to regrow.
Equipment: Usually little to start. They start with a few pairs of pants and shoes. They are attracted to jewels, gold, and any magic items they can make use of.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, September, 1997 (mathewignash@comcast.net)

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Authored on Amiga.