The Anomovic Demon

An R.C.C. for the Beyond the Supernatural,
Heroes Unlimited and Nightspawn role playing game's.

Anomovic Background: In the world of Nightspawn Anomovics are a race of human/demon hybrids created long ago, their true origins are lost, but it is known that Anomovics can breed with other Anomovics or humans. Anomovic demons are suitable as player characters.

Appearance: Anomovic demons have two forms. One form is completely human, and the second has red scaly skin and red eyes, with two small horns growing over their eyes.

Game Statistics:

Note: In order to create a Anomovic character you need a copy of Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition.

Making a Heroes Unlimited style Anomovic:

  • Step 1: The Eight Attributes - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 2: Hit Point and S.D.C. - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 3: Determining Super Abilities - Choose the alien power category. Alien appearance should yield a humanoid appearance (green skin, red eyes, small horns). Environment is Normal Earth Environment. Super abilities should yield 1 major and 2 minor super abilities which are Immortality, Extraordinary Physical Strength and Shapechanger (minor).
  • Step 4: Determining Education and Abilities - Roll as normal for a human.
  • Step 5: Picking an Alignment - Choose any. Anomovics can vary dramatically with their outlook on the world.
  • Step 6: Rounding Out One's Character - Roll all as normal for humans.

  • Anomovic Details: The Anomovic demons represented here is loosely based on the characters from the Angel television series, with allowances made for fitting them into the rules for Heroes Unlimited characters.

    The Immortality ability grants them an extended life span and resistance to disease. +3 to save vs. Horror Factor, +5 to save vs. possession, +2D6 Hit Points, +2D4x10 S.D.C., +1D6 P.B., +1D4 M.E. and +1D4 P.E.

    The Extraordinary Physical Strength ability grants them at P.S. of 20+2D6, if already above 20 then add 2D6+6 instead.

    The Shapechanger (minor) ability grants them the ability to assume a single humanoid form. In their case that form is that of a normal human being. When in human form they do not gain any benefit from their other super abilities.

    Anomovic demons played in Nightspawn or Rifts should be allowed to choose from most O.C.C.'s available to humans, except any class that grants psychic powers or super abilities. They can learn magic.

    The Anomovic demon racial character class is suited for Nightspawn and Beyond the Supernatural role playing game's. Anomovic demons in Nightspawn are commonly associated with the Underground Railroad and the Resistance. They use the experience table for alien characters provided in the Heroes Unlimited book. Their abilities make them nearly equal to the average first level Nightspawn, with the bonus of not needing to change into a Morphus, however lack special Morphus bonuses, magic or Nightspawn talents.

    Additional material: Those wishing to see Anomovic demons should watch the episode Bachelor Party of the television series Angel.

    Converted to Palladium role playing game rules by Mathew R. Ignash, November, 2001 (

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