Hero Abilities Package - Zebuloid


Zebuloid Racial Package (Cost 245-50=195)

Zebuloid Nomad Occupational Package (Cost 19)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the zebuloid race from Rifts role playing game. The cost for SPD includes the bonus from DEX. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Zebuloids are completely non-humanoid aliens. They appear to be armored jellyfish that stand on their tentacles and have two large eyes on the sides of their bodies. These eyes are polarized and not easily blinded by bright light. Despite their appearance, they are not amphibious, although they are good swimmers.

Zebuloids are most famous for their ability to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Their large brains and multiple limbs allow them to pilot a ship in combat, operate the communications, weapons and other tasks at the same time. Zebuloids also have a natural talent for piloting vehicles and mecha. This puts them in high demand as crew members on ships, as long as people can get used to working with a giant talking jellyfish. 

Most zebuloids and professional nomads, but they can learn other scholarly occupations like the rogue scholar and rogue scientist. Zebuloids cannot learn magic but can be minor or major psychics.

To learn more about the zebuloids, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts Dimension Book Five - Anvil Galaxy by Bill Coffin.

Race created by Palladium Books.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - July, 2004

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