Hero Abilities Package - Yexil


Yexil Racial Package (Cost 142-67=77)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the Yexil race from the Gamma World role playing game. This conversion is for 5th edition Champions rules.

The yexil, or orange scarfer, is an intelligent non-humanoid mutant animal. It is descended from the lion, but only vaguely resembles it's ancestor. Their front limbs have evolved into functional wings with hands growing from them. They have large mandibles growing from their mouths. Yexils can emit laser blasts from their eyes and are immune to cold.

This exotic animal looks like a cross between a bat and a lion. It has a 9-meter wingspan, with a human hand at the point of each blade. Its head looks like a male lion, with the addition of two pinching mandibles. It stands on two lion-like paws. The yexil is covered with a thick pelt of orange fur, with an extremely bushy mane of golden brown. Females have a marsupial pouch in which they carry their young until the infants reach the age at which they are able to learn to fly.

Yexils can project a laser beam from their eyes and can also pinch with their mandibles, but rarely get close enough for this melee attack. Yexil fur has a special genetic insulating fiber content that repels intense cold, making them immune to such attacks. In general, unless their young are threatened or they have been cornered or captured, yexils will not stay and fight, preferring to flee to safety. Yexils are extremely miserable when kept in captivity, even as a whole family, and soon die from this.

Yexils are friendly creatures, but slightly slow-witted. They travel in small prides, sometimes as an extended family, and they mate for life. They are very receptive to intelligent interaction with other species. The most striking oddity about yexils are their love of various types of hide and cloth, particularly synthetic fibers, as food. They are known to trade virtually anything, including artifacts (for which they have little use), in exchange for material for tasty sustenance. The more gaudy and outrageous a piece of fabric or garment looks, the more appealing it is to a yexil. If killed, their pelts will not maintain their unusual ability to resist cold, so yexils are generally left in peace.

Race created by TSR.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - January, 2004

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