Hero Abilities Package - Lycanthrope, Weretiger (AD&D style)


Weretiger Racial Package (Cost 131-85=46)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the weretiger from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. It is generally meant for newly infected weretigers. True weretigers or those who have been weretigers for a long time will buy off the Accidental Change and Berserk disadvantages. If a player character becomes a weretiger through infection, they should apply this package, then have to spend any forthcoming experience points on paying off the package costs. Once they have it paid off they can choose to purchase off the berserk and accidential change disadvantages normally. Those who are born to lycanthropy would normally not have the Accidnetal Change and Berserk disadvantages, and therefore the package would cost 96 points. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Weretiger Weretigers are among the most feared of the lycanthropes, men who can transform into tiger-like beasts.

Weretigers are humans or humanoids infected with the curse of lycanthropy. They can pass this curse on to others in their bite, or to their children through normal reproduction. The humanoid forms of weretigers have no distinguishing traits. The weretiger form is equally varied. They have a bipedal form that is a hybrid of humanoid and felineß features. These creatures are about 1-foot taller and stronger than their humanoid forms. The bodies are fur-covered and have long tails, tiger-like legs, and heads that are combinations in varying degrees of humanoid and feline features. When a weretiger changes form it heals some of any damage it has taken recently.

In their humanoid forms, weretigers attack with a variety of weapons, generally those common to their humanoid identity and class. In the weretiger or tiger-like forms, the creature attacks with its fearsome teeth and claws. If the form has hands, the weretiger may grab its prey for a better bite.

In the non-humanoid form, the weretiger can be harmed only by silver or magical weapons. Wounds from other weapons heal too quickly to actually injure the weretiger.

For various reasons weretigresses outnumber weretigers five to one. Weretigers travel alone or in small prides. They do not marry but have preferred mates, which may be either humanoids or tigers. Weretigers give birth to one or two cubs. The cubs are the hybrid form; they look like fuzzy humanoid babies with tails. Cubs mature quickly. They can crawl within days, walk within a month, and hunt within a year. Their physical size matches that of a humanoid child of three times the same age. At age six, they reach adolescence and gain the ability to transform into a fully humanoid form. At age 12, they gain the ability to assume a full-tiger form. This is considered the mark of adulthood.

If a male weretiger mates with either a real tigress or humanoid woman, the offspring initially has the same appearance as the mother. Lycanthropic transformations do not begin until the hybrid reaches adolescence.

Weretigers are omnivorous. In the wild they roam a territory of 7 to 10 square miles. Their homes are usually near humanoid settlements. These tend to be well kept cabins with small herb and vegetable gardens. The only livestock will be a variety of cats and some poultry.

Weretigers rarely live in confined settings such as cities or large towns because their lycanthropic nature would be hard to conceal. If found in such a setting, one or two weretigers in humanoid form will be on an errand, such as a mission, a revel, or a simple shopping trip. In any form, weretigers are very confident and not prone to attack unless provoked. Treasure varies widely, acquired as payment for past services, plunder from past adventures, or scavenged from the remains of past opponents. Weretigers have an affinity for gems and often keep a small cache hidden somewhere near their homes.

Weretigers are the most adaptable of the lycanthropes. They are equally at home in humanoid, feline, or monster company.

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