Hero Abilities Package - Lycanthrope, Weretiger (Palladium style)


Weretiger Racial Package (Cost 342-55=286)

Conversion Notes: The Characteristics, Powers and Skills here represent the minimum found in a weretiger from Rifts role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules. All powers which have the "only in hero ID" limitation work in tiger or tiger-man forms only. I decided to roll the Metamorphsis: Animal and Metamorphsis: Human spells into a single spell. In order to simulate some of the possible animal forms from Metamorphsis: Animal I had to include some Shrinking and Flight. Psionic abilities should draw END from the I.S.P. Endurance Reserve, while spells should draw END from the P.P.E. Endurance Reserve.

Weretiger The weretigers are a race of magical shape shifters. They can take on three forms, one human, one of a tiger, and a humanoid with tiger-like features, which is considered their natural form. In any form weretigers can speak, are excellent climbers and can see in almost total darkness.

These magical creatures are renoun for their near invulnerability to convential injury, only silver, magic, psionic abilities and attacks from other supernatural creatures can hurt them, and damage from those attacks heal very quickly. They are particularly vulnerable to silver weapons.

Weretigers also have limited psionic and magical abilities which allow them to understand and speak languages, blend with their environment, shape shift into other people and animals, repel animals, feign death, see the invisible, predict danger, and protect their minds from attack.

The natural enemies of weretigers include vampires, ghouls and spider-demons.

Weretigers cannot choose an occupation or learn any magic besides that normal for their race.

To learn more about the weretiger, I suggest purchasing and reading the Rifts Conversion Book by Kevin Siembieda.

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