Hero Abilities Package - Vampire (Palladium style)


Vampire Racial Package (Cost 390-165=225)

Conversion Notes: This conversion is based on the Secondary Vampire R.C.C. depicted in various Palladium role playing games. The Characteristics cost for the SPD takes into account the bonus from the DEX.

Vampire A secondary vampire is created by a master vampire, or other secondary vampire, when they transform another human or humanoid into one of their own. This kills the human and leaves a monster in their place, who has their memories and parts of their personality, but is an inhuman blood drinking fiend. Vampires do not age and can assume the form of a bat, wolf or cloud of mist.

Vampire have night vision in all forms. In bat form they have sonar, and in wolf form they have an enhanced sense of smell.

Vampires have slightly fanged teeth and their eyes glow red when they are angry or using their powers, but otherwise look like the humanoid they were before becoming a vampire, except for not casting a reflection in mirrors. Vampires suffer from a number of supernatural limitations. They are burned by any for of running water and sunlight, and they are deathly frightened by the cross or by moving rivers. They cannot enter a home without an invitation from someone inside. They feed on humanoid blood to survive. If staked in the heart they are not killed, but merely put in a state similar to suspended animation until the stake is removed. They can be killed by beheading them and they burning the remains after being staked, or by running water at any time.

Traditional foes of vampires include human vampire hunters, werebeasts, the Nightlords and the Splugorth.

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