Hero Abilities Package - Vampire (Charmed style)


Vampire Racial Package (Cost 170-150=20)

Vampire Queen Conversion Notes: These vampires are based on the televisions series Charmed episode Bite Me. This conversion is for 5th edition Champions rules. Their Transform is evenly split between transforming their target into a vampire body and vampire spirit, so they need a total result of their target's BODY x4 to transform it. Because of the spirit transformation when converting an existing human character into a vampire you should make sure to change their Psych Limitations to reflect their evil alignment.

Vampires are magical evil beings who feed on human blood. They do not age and are capable of transforming human victims into vampires with their bite. All vampires serve a vampire king or queen, the founder of their particular blood line. Once a person in turned into a vampire the only way to return them to normal is to kill the vampire king or queen of their line before the person makes it's first human kill. After the first kill a person is permantly transformed into a vampire, and killing their king or queen will only destroy them, not cure them.

Vampires do not age, heal quickly, can cling to ceilings and walls, have enhanced senses and are generally stronger and toucher then they were as humans. They can also change into large vampire bats at will. In their bat form they can fly like any bat can.

Vampires fear holy items and the cross in general. They are burned by sunlight and holy water, and are very vulnerable to attacks from fire. All vampires are completely loyal to their king or queen and pure evil, having no strong emotional ties to their former life as humans.

Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - October, 2003

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