Hero Abilities Package - Sphinx, Gyno

Gyno Sphinx

Gynosphinx Racial Package (Cost 184-85=107)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the gynosphinx race from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Gynosphinxes are the female of the sphinx race. They appear to be lion-like creatures with feathered wings and faces that look more like a female-humanoid then a lioness. They have a number of spell-like abilities. They can view or hear things at a distance, detect magic, remove a curse, see the invisible, learn languages and dispel magic. Note that a gynosphinx is very intelligent and can use these spells in many ways. If a bargaining group of adventurers steps back to discuss their plans among themselves, the gynosphinx will growl a little and cast clairaudience to listen in.

The gynosphinx is the female counterpart of the androsphinx, having a winged lion's body and human-like facial features. Gynosphinxes are not nearly as powerful as androsphinxes, but they are much more knowledgeable, clever, and wise.

Gynosphinxes can attack with two paws, but prefer to bargain with their opponents. They help strangers only if they are paid. They accept payment for services rendered or knowledge and advice given, in the form of gems, jewelry, magic, or knowledge. Knowledge that would be of special interest to a gynosphinx is the location of an androsphinx, but they accept fine prose, poetry, lore, or a good riddle.

If anyone breaks a bargain with a gynosphinx, he is subject to attack and the gynosphinx won't hesitate to devour the victim if it wins the fight.

Gynosphinxes are solitary by nature, but not by choice. They spend most of their lives avoiding the advances of criosphinxes, which they detest, and hieracosphinxes, which they fear, and searching high and low for an androsphinx.

Gynosphinxes are intelligent enough to actively seek out ruins and mystical places, like forgotten temples and such, which they immediately occupy. Using their many spells to learn as much as possible about the setting, they then wait for the next group of travelers, pilgrims, or adventurers to come by and hope that they've encountered an androsphinx in their travels or have spells or magical items that might be usable for just such a purpose.

Gynosphinxes own the dubious distinction of being the only female sphinx. A gynosphinx mated with an androsphinx will produce another androsphinx or gynosphinx. A gynosphinx mated with a criosphinx only produces another male criosphinx, while mating with a hieracosphinx produces similarly displeasing results.

Fortunately, gynosphinxes are much smarter than all of their counterparts and can avoid otherwise compromising situations through trickery and outright deceit. Unfortunately, they are among the slowest of the sphinxes when flying or running, and the lustful criosphinx and vicious hieracosphinx rarely give up the chase once a gynosphinx has been located. Gynosphinxes are also known to breed with dragons, producing half-dragon offspring.

Note: Also add symbols of pain, persuasion and stunning.

Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
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