Hero Abilities Package - Sleeth


Sleeth Racial Package (Cost 113-50=63)

Conversion Notes: The package deal is based on the Sleeth race from the Gamma World role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

The Sleeth are a race of intelligent humanoid mutant alligators. They are telepathic and can sense hostile intent in others, as well as read and speak to minds. They can heal themselves of injury, negate force fields and are immune to illusions. Most Sleeth have at least one additional mental power besides those common to their race.

Sleeths are lizard-like humanoids, the intelligent descendants of alligators. They have an erect stance, tails, long snouts, and dextrous hands. They are dark green in color.

Sleeths are normally peaceful. They use their mutations and intelligence to avoid combat, sending plants to attack and using telepathy and intuition to discover the intent of their opponents. They prefer using nonlethal high-tech weapons to defend themselves. If forced, they will fight using melee weapons of Tech Level I, II, or III, coordinating their efforts with telepathy.

Sleeths live in peaceful, scholarly communities. Each sleeth village is headed by a dean, who often presides over a governing body called a faculty. In times of trouble, the deans of neighboring villages gather together and form a college. They then elect a president from among their number to preside during their decision-making. Once the trouble is dealt with or the major decision made, the college and presidency dissolve, and the deans return to their villages. The faculty is composed of professors, the most respected members of sleeth society. Beneath the professors are teachers and students. Visitors are often referred to as transfers.

Sleeths tend to be friendly to transfers. They are subtly arrogant in the extreme, however, believing themselves to be mentally superior to all other races.

Sleeths build beautiful villages and towns. They make full use of their plant control ability. Though sleeth villages and towns are mostly Tech Level III, they almost always contain high-tech items. These items are put to use to ease living conditions and for defense.

Most sleeth become espers and scouts, although they can become examiners and enforcers as well.

Race created by TSR.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - July, 2004

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