Hero Abilities Package - Human, Serf


Serf Racial Package (Cost 207-45=152)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the serf race from the Gamma World role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Serf are a race of mutant humans with a number of unusual mutant abilities. They are hairless, strong, and have a partial armor covering their heads and backs. They have clawed hands which emit a poison, which they are immune to. They have a limited ability to bend light for a short period of time each day, making themselves invisible. They can generate mental blast which does damage to targets on a physical level as well, can drain the life out of any nearby living creatures and alter targets density. Their most devastating ability is to generate a field of death around themselves once a week, but this power effects them as well as all around them. They can use their life leech to recover from it's effects.

These humanoids have claws instead of fingers on their hands. The claws carry debilitative poison. Serfs have a partial carapace, a ridged, bony plate that covers the top and back of their heads.

Serfs may make claw attacks or an other type of attack. They much prefer to engage in mental combat as opposed to physical melee, and are 90% likely to do so. Serfs commonly wear chain mail into battle and will fight with Tech III weaponry, such as flintlock rifles. They prefer the battle axe to the sword in melee combat.

Serfs are either encountered as a small patrol, or may be found in large brigades of 55 to 150 individuals. A brigade will include 30% females and 30% children. Serfs are militant, and prefer to dress in uniforms imitating ancient military and police designs, using these as clan symbols. They are as likely to attack other brigades of serfs as they are other enemies.

Although they are a Tech Level II society, they readily use higher Tech Level equipment if shown how to operate it.

They are semi-nomadic, traveling when food in a particular area becomes scarce, or with the changing of seasons. Once every few years, at the whim of the commander, a brigade travels to Gran Rads. Once there it participates in a festival of celebration with other serf brigades, holding gladiatorial contests and swapping stories. One serf clan, the Ministers of Thought, never leaves Gran Rads. Its members believe that a serf leader called the Forstar will be born to their clan there, and will lead the serf to create a great new nation.

Most sets become enforcers and scouts, although they can become examiners and espers as well.

Race created by TSR.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - January, 2004

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