Hero Abilities Package - Rogue Scientist

Rogue Scientist

Rogue Scientist Occupational Package (Cost 20-10=10)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the rogue scientist occupation from the Rifts role playing game. I based this package deal on the absolute minimum of abilities of a first level rogue scientist. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

One of the new Earth's great frontiersmen is the rogue scientist. These men and women suffer from an insatiable lust for knowledge that drives them into the wastelands and wilderness to rediscover their planet, and humankind's past. They explore the ruins of toppled cities and the habits of new and menacing life forms that have emerged from the rifts.

The rogue scientist is not the stereotypical bookworm or lab rat of the 20th century, but a tough, self-reliant explorer of a harsh and unforgiving world. They are usually versed in survival skills and proficient in at least two weapons. In many cases, they look more like your average headhunter than a scientist. Far from the cities of the Coalition States, they are highly regarded as men of science and knowledge. They are a welcome and, sometimes desperately, needed addition to most adventurer groups, mercenary groups, and wilderness towns. Yet these rugged pioneers of our future Earth are frequently feared by superstitious wilderness folk and by the average people of the Coalition States. Why? Because the scientists bear weapons and words beyond their comprehension. Rumor has it that rogue scientists and scholars cavort with all manner of beings: aliens, monsters, and worse. They also dare to enter forbidden places and hell-spawned dimensions where no god-fearing man would set foot. To many, scientists seem to be men of magic, because, in the eyes of the peasant population, they know they do unnatural, almost magical things.

The propaganda from the Coalition States only fuels the flames of fear and superstition. The illiterate are constantly bombarded by talk and radio and video telecasts about insane or rebellious rogues who threatened the sanctity of the city. Reports will always have some inflammatory statement like, "Only the demented mind of a rogue scientist (or scholar) could have conceived of anything so diabolical." Or "Several books were found among the assailant's possessions, obviously the source of his delusions." Or warnings like, "Remember, these self-proclaimed men of science are liars and extremely dangerous. They are misguided hermits who unearth false and dangerous knowledge from the wastelands. Or they are madmen taught dark secrets by inhuman creatures from the rifts! Just think. Where do these rogues come from? Where have they been? Out in the wastelands. Living on what? Doing what? Is it no wonder that these poor fools go mad? The wastelands are not places for civilized men. Wastelands are empty, devastated territories rife with horrors from the rifts. Remember, it is your duty, as honored citizens of the Coalition States, to report anyone who claims to be a scientist, scholar, teacher, or doctor who does not have a state authorization card. Likewise, report psychics, magic users, mutoids, or any suspicious activity to the authorities at once! The life you save may be your own!"

The Coalition intentionally paints a demonic and frightening picture of the rogue scientist, because it fears their knowledge. The Coalition knows all too well the power of knowledge and the disruption that an inquisitive mind can cause. The Coalition's leaders see the rogue as a troublemaker on every level. They are literate, questioning, curious, resourceful, strong in body and mind, and independent. They are not the sheep that typifies the average Coalition citizen. They are wolves among the sheep. Wolves who, by their words and actions, may show the sheep how to become wolves themselves. A most frightening and dreaded possibility.

An inventive and resourceful scavenger, the scientist combines all levels of technology to his benefit. He can often repair machines and vehicles, and is skilled in technical areas and the sciences. The exact orientation and skills are left up to the individual player. This means that one scientist may be a whiz-band mechanic/engineer, but know little about biology or nature, while another is an expert anthropologist and linguist, but can't hook up a stereo without difficulty.

Art by Kevin Long.
Occupation created by Palladium Books.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - December, 2004

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