Hero Abilities Package - Giant, Pogtal Dragon Slayer


Pogtal Racial Package (Cost 258-81=177)

Common Dragon Slayer Occupation Package (Cost 14-25=-11)

Conversion Notes: This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules. The Characteristics, Powers and Skills here represent the minimum found in a pogtal dragon slayer, but they are often much higher. I put the Incantation limitation on their bite attack because they must unhook their jaws to use it. The Characteristics cost for the SPD takes into account the bonus from the DEX. (*)=This power draws on the Endurance Reserve for END.

Pogtal dragon slayers have a huge jaw full of razor sharp teeth which constantly regrow in a manner similar to a shark (remember to add damage for their Strength to the bite damage). The pogtal can generate a force field around it's body which protects them from harm in hand-to-hand combat. This force field also protects anything they carry. They are also impervious to flames. Three times a day they can heal themselves of damage through bio-regeneration. They can become invisible and see the invisible. Pogtal can fire a small energy bolt from their fingers which isn't very useful in combating dragons but is useful for starting camp fires, eliminating pests and taking small prey. Pogtal can live to 300 years old. They cannot choose an occupation or gain psionic abilities. Their magic is limited to the spells above.

To learn more about the pogtal, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts World Book One: Vampire Kingdoms or Rifts World Book Six: South America by Kevin Siembieda.

Race created by Palladium Books.
Art by Kevin Siembieda.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - March, 2008

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