Hero Abilities Package - Human, Orlen


Orlen Racial Package (Cost 90-40=50)

Conversion Notes: This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules. The Limitation on the Variable Power Pool limits them to only using it for mental Characteristics or adding to existing mental powers they have. They cannot use it to create any powers they don't have already. This pool can enhance their INT, EGO, PRE, Mental Defense, Telekinesis, Telepathy or any other mental power the character has with 10 additional points. For instance they might choose to get +5 EGO, or to buy fine manipulation on their Telekinesis.

Orlens are a race of human mutants who have two heads, four arms, as well as the powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Orlens have two brains, which helps protect them from being targeted by mental attacks. Orlens also have the unusual ability to temporarily focus themselves on a single mental attribute or mental power and raise it to higher levels. Orlens tend to stand over 6' tall and are on average stronger and faster then normal humans. It is common for orlens to have other beneficial mental mutations.

Orlens are tall two-headed humanoids with four arms. Peaceful by nature, they are exceptionally intelligent and collect artifacts of all sorts. A typical orlen will possess artifacts of Tech Levels IV or V. In addition to the older artifacts they may have, all orlens carry an assortment of Tech Level II and III weapons and tools.

Orlens prefer not to resolve problems by combat, but their size, strength, and armament ensure that they will not be caught unprepared when trouble comes looking for them. All orlens have a dual name, one for the left head and one for the right, such as Jan-Jane, Maura-Maureen, Tim-Tom, and Kevin-Calvin. When an orlen talks, the heads alternate speaking.

Any given orlen's combat abilities will vary widely with the nature of the extra mutations he may have and what kind of weaponry he is carrying. A typical orlen might carry two battle axes, a duralloy shield, a flintlock rifle, and an IR laser pistol, with a grenade or two thrown in for good measure. He would prefer to save the pistol for an emergency and use the flintlock from good cover, entering melee only when necessary.

Many orlens are wanderers, but there is a significant segment of the species that likes to settle down. The only orlen settlement of any significant size is Jainus, a fairly large city. Nomadic orlens are peaceful and gentle. The urban orlens are more aggressive and love sporting events, particularly those with a lot of physical contact.

Race created by TSR.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - May, 2010

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