Hero Abilities Package - Naruni


Naruni Racial Package (Cost 198-37=161)

Naruni Businessman Occupational Package (Cost 34)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the naruni race from Rifts role playing game. Psionic abilities draw END form the I.S.P. Endurance Reserve. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Naruni are a large race of ancient and powerful humanoids. They appear as large, muscular bipeds with elephant-like skin and have three tentacled mouths on their face. Their skin is thick armor, they can see in the dark and they can live for over 1000 years. They also heal very quickly

All naruni are natural psychics with the powers of Bio-Manipulation, Empathic Transmission and a Mind Block Auto-Defense. They usually also choose six additional sensitive psionic abilities.

For some unknown reason naruni take double damage from rune weapons, possibly suggesting they are a supernatural race.

Naruni have a reputation as businessmen, and often conceal their features behind hoods and cloaks when operating with other races. In the Three Galaxies the naruni race runs Naruni Enterprises, a powerful interdimensional trader. Most naruni are professional businessmen, although they can learn other scholarly professions including the rogue scholar and rogue scientist. They generally distain from physical combat or becoming men-at-arms. Naruni cannot learn magic.

To learn more about the naruni, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts Dimension Book Five - Anvil Galaxy by Bill Coffin.

Race created by Palladium Books.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - January, 2004

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