Hero Abilities Package - Hidden Witch

Hidden Witch

Hidden Witch Occupational Package (Cost 244-20=224)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the hidden witch occupation from Rifts role playing game. I based this package on the absolute minimum of abilities of a first level hidden witch. Since the games effects of the Sickness spell was to lower an opponent's number of attacks and to hit rolls, I decided to make it a DEX Drain. All powers marked with (*) draw END from the P.P.E. Endurance Reserve. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Hidden Witch The hidden witch is a dabbler in dark magics which has a number of magical abilities. Unlike most witches, the hidden witch tries to keep away for the most vile dark magics and doesn't associate with demons constantly. Some may even try to use their powers for good. The hidden witch is slightly more resistant to harm then most people, as well as being more attractive. They heal quickly. Once a day they can shape shift into a cat, fox or raven for one hour. Hidden witches are most common in Russia and among gypsy clans.

The hidden witch has a number of black magic spells in her arsenal, which can cause sickness, blindness, fear, spoiling of food and water and even domination of minds. This is also a reason they hide their magic, as they would be blamed for any such thing happening when they are around.

As hidden witches increase in power they often gain a familiar, and learn other magic spells, even some beneficial ones, but the majority of their powers are rooted in darkness.

Although the majority of hidden witches are human, members of almost any race which can learn magic can become a hidden witch. The majority of hidden witches seem to be female.

Occupation created by Palladium Books.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - December, 2003

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