Hero Abilities Package - Giant, Athach


Athach Giant Racial Package (Cost 195-80=115)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of an athach giant from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Athach giants are lean, but muscular. Their hard, hairless flesh is smooth and gray, making it easy for them to blend in with their mountainous surroundings. Their gaunt facial features and deep, sunken black eyes make them seem perpetually grim.

The typical athach giant is 18' tall and weighs 4,500 pounds. Each has hideous but recognizable features, a malformed body, and a third arm in the center of its chest.

These huge monsters are quite stupid and ill tempered. They live in small families, sheltering in caves, and beating on one another when not hunting for meat, and they consider humans to be meat. They love gems and jewelry and, if an offer is good enough, will accept such in return for not attacking travelers.

Athachs attack by bashing their opponents with thick tree stumps or stones and biting with their gnarled, poisonous teeth.

Art by Monte M. Moore.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - September, 2003

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