Hero Abilities Package - Dwarf


Dwarf Racial Package (Cost 14-17=-3)

Asgardian Dwarf and Anvil Dwarf Racial Package (Cost 29-17=12)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the dwarf race from Rifts role playing game. I based this package deal on the absolute minimum of abilities of a first level dwarf. The abilities for the asgardian dwarf are in addition to those for the normal dwarf. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Dwarves are short muscular humanoids. Although they are as heavy as an adult human, they generally range from three to four feet tall. They are long lived and can see in total darkness. They are traditional allies to humans and troglodytes. They generally don't like elves, wolfen, ogres, trolls, kobolds and goblins. They can become almost any occupation open to humans. They can learn magic and gain psionic abilities. They seem to excel at mechanical skills and fighting. Occupations which use them are the most common among dwarves.

Dwarves are a race of short, powerfully built, subterranean people who once built fabulous underground cities, held the secrets of rune and summoning magic, and co-ruled the former world in the shadow of the elves. For thousands of years they suffered what was first the biting wit and sarcasm of the elves. For thousands more they endured numerous forms of humiliation and degradation at the hands of the arrogant elves. Eventually, a senseless feud erupted into an insane war that would crush both elf and dwarf in a blood bath that would span centuries. Toward the end, the dwarves, desperate to turn the tied of a battle they were finally losing, turned to supernatural and demonic forces of magic. Forces that, in the end, would see the greatest dwarven kingdoms annihilated through their own folly.

Today, in their former world, there is said to be little over a million dwarves and even a few of the last, great subterranean kingdoms, nestled in the mountains of the Old Kingdom, but since their glory days of long ago, the dwarves have lost the secrets of Rune Magic and have abandoned the pursuit of all magic so that they will never again unleash its terrible forced. Instead, they have turned to perfecting their art as the world's greatest weapon and armor smiths and the arts of combat.

Perhaps to no one's surprise, dwarves, in the world of Rifts, are attracted to warrior O.C.C.'s, high-tech weapons, and the craft of building and modifying weapons. This is especially true to those born on Rifts Earth. These second and third generation Earth dwarves are often masterful operators, skilled city rats, headhunters and borgs. Some have even dared to study the mystic craft of techno-wizardry which very much harkens back to the ancient time of rune magic. An occupation that elves, and many tradition minded dwarves, find terribly disturbing.

Asgardian dwarves are an offshoot of the common dwarf, who are associated with the pantheon of the norse gods. These dwarves are tougher, longer lived, stronger then the common dwarf and still practice magic, particularly rune magic.

Anvil dwarves are another offshoot of the common dwarf, found to inhabid many planets in the Anvil Galaxy. They are similar to Asgardian dwarves.

To learn more about dwarves, I suggest purchasing and reading the Rifts Conversion Book by Kevin Siembieda and Rifts Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse by C.J. Carella.

Race created by Palladium Books.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - December, 2003

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