Hero Abilities Package - Water Serpent

Water Serpent

Water Serpent Racial Package (Cost 560-112=448)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of a water serpent hatchling from the Rifts role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules. Note that the P.P.E. Endurance Reserve is used for spell casting and activation of magic items, where the I.S.P. Endurance Reserve is used for activation of psionic abilities.

The Ukt water serpents have long, snake-like bodies that end in a tail with a wide web of fins. The length of the body is lined, on both sides, with small spikes that can cut when the monster slides against or bangs into an opponent. The entire body ripples with muscles and can coil, weave, and move with amazing grace, speed and agility —the tail is prehensile and can be used to entangle, strangle or strike an opponent. It also has a pair of stout, armored arms which end in a pair of hands with two thick, webbed fingers, sharp claws and a stubby, clawed thumb. The chest, arms, shoulders and neck are covered in tough, armor plates. The top of the head is also covered in natural plating and small spines. A pair of long, narrow horns extend from above the eyes, and fins protrude from behind the cheeks and the sides of the neck. The eyes are a light, watery blue, and their scaly hide is black or dark brown with specks of green, or gray-green, with a light green or tan underside and spines. The mouth holds a row of small sharp teeth and a pair of snake-like fangs. The Ukt growls and whines like a wolf or dog, and when they speak, their voice has a deep growling resonance to it.

Ukt water serpents are surprisingly quick, even on land, and are excellent climbers of trees, towers, rope and mountains. They are at home in the water and use a magical sight that combines thermal sensors, infrared vision and sonar-like echo location to enable them to see clearly in the murkiest of water. They also have an excellent sense of smell. Ukt water serpents are found mostly in large freshwater lakes and rivers, but some make their homes in salty oceans and gulfs, including the Gulf of Mexico. The huge creatures are allied to the deep water god, Uktena. According to legend, the Ukt are his descendants, spawned from mating with a dragon while in his serpent form, but the true origin of these creatures is unclear and may be more mundane. Still these water serpents do have a number of things in common with the deep, water god, including a preference for deep murky waters, as well as their long serpentine forms, and an eternal enmity with Thunderbird and his children.

Thunderbirds hunt water serpents the way eagles fish for salmon and trout, swooping low over the water to scoop them out. It is an ages-old enmity whose origins are lost, but most believe that the two creatures symbolize opposites. The Ukt water serpent symbolizes the deep, mysterious waters that covered the Earth in the time before men. By contrast, the Thunderbird is a symbol of the clear, illuminating light above. Regardless of the symbolism, these creatures are ancient enemies and will battle to the death at the mere sight of each other. The Coalition States and its fledgling Navy have also engaged these monsters on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, the Splugorth's Minions sometimes enlist them as native guides, assassins and mercenaries for spying operations and slave raids.

Water serpents are as dark and dangerous as the waters they call home. All are evil, scheming creatures that seek the corruption or destruction of those around them. Although they are unable to assume a human form for their machinations, they will use telepathy and other abilities to misguide and doom others. Humans are usually eaten on sight, unless there are a number of them, or the serpent knows they will be useful in other ways. Humans and d-bees are also sometimes captured and enslaved as playthings or for torture.

After hatching they quickly grow to 60 feet in size, most of which is tail. They have powerful claws and a poison bite. They are powerful spell casters, with a speciality over water elemental spells. Water serpents heal quickly and are completely amphibious.

They hatch knowing their native language and two others common to the region they were hatched, as well as having basic survival skills, probably psionically imprinted by their parents.

Water serpents are all born with 10 minor and 3 super psionic abilities and are considered master psychics.

To learn more about the water serpents, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts World Book 15: Spirit West by Wayne Breaux Jr.

Illustration by Wayne Breaux Jr.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - January, 2004

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