Hero Abilities Package - Dragon, Silver

Silver Dragon

Silver Dragon Racial Package (Cost 418-118=300)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of a young (16 to 25 year old) silver dragon from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. All abilities which are only in hero ID work only in dragon form, or if polymorphed into an appropiate form to use this ability. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Silver dragons are one of the larger common dragon types. Although it can survive in any climate, it prefers to live near mountains. They can breath a cloud of paralyzing gas or a cone of cold. They can also attack with their powerful claws and bite.

Although generally considered a good race of dragons, player characters can play any alignment.

Silver dragons are kind and helpful. They will cheerfully assist good creatures if their need is genuine. They often take e the forms of kindly old men or fair damsels when associating with people.

At birth, a silver dragon's scales are blue-gray with silver highlights. As the dragon approaches adulthood, its color slowly lightens to brightly gleaming silver. An adult or older silver dragon has scales so fine that the individual scales are scarcely visible. From a distance, these dragons look as if they have been sculpted from pure metal.

Although dragons can eat almost anything, the favorite food for silver dragon are normal meals made for humans. Like most dragons they can live for over 1000 years, sense the presence of invisible things, see in the dark, are immune to sleep and hold spells, and have large wings which allow flight.

The eggs of silver dragons can be corrupted with evil magic to create sivak draconians.

Note: Add Feather Fall twice a day and Cloud Walk at will.

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