Hero Abilities Package - Dragon, Half

Half-Brass Dragon/Half Human

Half-Dragon Racial Package (Cost 60-60=0)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of a half-dragon from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. This package was meant to either be used alone for human/dragon half-breeds, or placed on top of another racial package to represent dragon half-breeds with non-human parents. If the two packages contain duplicate powers, you can either combine them for greater effect or ignore one of them. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Dragons are known to breed with almost any creature, and due to their magical nature they can actually product fertile offspring with almost anything. Dragons can breed with humanoids, monsters, and even animals. Even if the non-dragon parent isn't an intelligent race, the offspring may be intelligent.

Half-dragons tend to resemble their non-human parent for the most part in size and body shape, but they definitely show their draconic heritage in their enhanced abilities and unusual appearance. Half-dragons almost always reflect the color of their dragon parent in some way, for instance a green dragon and human half-breed might have green eyes and hair, or even small greenish scales. Clawed hands and armored skin are common with half-dragons. Not all half-dragons have wings, but many do.

If the dragon parent of a half-dragon was immune to a certain type of attack, then the half-dragon is usually resistant or immune to it as well. Half-dragons also tend to have a breath weapon if their dragon parent did, but it is usually less powerful and cannot be used as many times a day.

Half-dragons tend to have long life spans, with a minimum of 400 years, possibly longer if their non-dragon parent race had an enhanced life span. All half-dragons have keen senses and can see in the dark. Occasionally a half-dragon gains the dragon ability to speak and understand all languages.

Half-dragons can learn almost any profession, although most humanoid half-dragons are wizards or fighters. The alignment of the dragon parent race can influence the half-dragon, however they can become any alignment they choose.

Half-dragons can have varied special abilities depending on their dragon parent breed.

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