Hero Abilities Package - Dragon, Deep

Deep Dragon

Deep Dragon Racial Package (Cost 335-90=245)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of a young (16 to 25 year old) deep dragon from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. All powers with the "only in hero ID" limitation cannot be used in humanoid form, but can be used as a giant winged snake. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Deep dragons, also called dragons of the depths or maroon dragons, are one of the smaller, highly intelligent and rarer dragon types. Although it can survive in any climate, it prefers the deep undeground. They can breath a cone of flesh corrosive gas or attack with their powerful claws and bite. Three times a day a deep dragon can assume the form of a giant winged snake. It cal also assume any humanoid form three times a day. They are resistant to heat and cold attacks, as well as being immune to sleep, charm and hold spells. They can see through illusions and detect magic at will.

Although generally considered an evil race of dragons, player characters can play any alignment. The major enemies of the deep dragon include cloakers and mind flayers.

Deep dragons are little known on the surface world. They are the hunters of the Underdark. Cunning and patient, they place their survival, followed by their joy of hunting, above all else. Deep dragons carefully amass and hide treasure in various caches, guarded with traps and magic. They are able to use most magical items. Deep dragons are an iridescent maroon when they hatch, soft-scaled, and unable to change form. They keep to their birth-lair until they have mastered both of their other forms.

Their favorite food is fish. Like most dragons they can live for over 1000 years, sense the presence of invisible things, see in the dark, are immune to sleep and hold spells, and have large wings which allow flight.

Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - August, 2003

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