Hero Abilities Package - Azverkan


Azverkan Racial Package (Cost 147-41=106)

Azverkan Knight of the True Vision Occupational Package (Cost 12)

Conversion Notes: This package is based on the azverkan race from Rifts role playing game. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

The azverkan are a race of D-bees reminiscent of both the psi-stalker and cyber-knight. They are a warrior race who seem to be inexorably linked to the supernatural. If you ask an azverkan warrior, he or she will tell you that their race is both blessed and cursed with the "true vision," the natural ability to sense and see supernatural evil. Their elongated, rectangular eyes are ebony except for a tiny, yellow pupil. These unusual eyes enable them to see a cloudy grey to black aura emanating from vampires and all types of undead, zombies, animated dead, necromancers, ghouls, rune weapons, and individuals possessed by entities, dybbuks, alien intelligences and supernatural forces. They can also see those turned invisible by supernatural or mystical means. Their unique life essence makes them completely impervious to supernatural possession and resistant to magic. Thus, like the psi-stalker and Atlantean undead slayers, the azverkan have become the eternal enemy of the undead, the Splugorth and all forms of supernatural evil (including those who enslave or use and manipulate others). The majority (about 75%) belong to a pseudo-religious order known as the Knights of the True Vision, crusaders dedicated to the eradication of evil supernatural monsters and the protection of the weak and innocent from such diabolical forces. Like most knights, these characters are concerned with righting wrongs of all kind, but they are obsessed with the demonic and supernatural. Consequently, a Knight of the True Vision may abandon "a lesser evil" in mid-conflict to engage a supernatural menace, especially vampires, demons, alien intelligences and necromancers. The azverkan have been attracted to the conflicts between humans and D-bees with the Gargoyle and Brodkil Empires. Of course, the NGR and most humans don't trust any D-bees and have rejected the azverkan's aid. Thus, the Knights of the True Vision wage a private battle against the dark forces and have become respected heroes to hundreds of D-bee communities (not unlike the cyber-knights of the Americas). The typical azverkan knight travels alone, in pairs, or in a small band (typically 1D4+1 knights). One or more may team up with other champions and heroes to fight the good fight or lead an army against the forces of evil.

The Azverkan are an alien race with the gift and curse of true sight. They can see the invisible, auras of the supernatural evils, undead and spirits. The skin of an azverkan is light armor and they are immune to mental and transforming powers from the undead. Most azverkan belong to a knighthood called the Knights of the True Vision. Azverkan cannot learn magic but can be minor or major psychics.

To learn more about azverkans, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts Sourcebook Three: Mindwerks by Kevin Siembieda.

Note: Asvarkan can also sense undead, sense supernatural evil and are immune to possession.

Race created by Palladium Books.
Illustration by Scott Szczesniak.
Champions rules conversion by Mathew R. Ignash - mathewignash@comcast.net.
Last Updated - January, 2009

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