Hero Abilities Package - Beholderkin, Astereater


Astereater Racial Package (Cost 166-114=52)

Conversion Notes: This package represents the minimum abilities of an astereater from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. I made one inch of their flight persistant, since they float when they sleep. Although all beholderkin are immune to humanoid diseases, they have similar beholderkin specific diseases which effect them, so I didn't include a cost for immunity to diseases. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules.

Astereaters are relatives of the beholder race. Unlike the beholders they have no magical abilities. They do retain the ability to levitate at will, which isn't magical in nature. They are adapted to life in space. They can withstand a pure vacuum and generate all the oxygen they need to sustain themselves from the digestion of their food.

Astereaters have no eye stalks on their body. Instead they have rock-like skin and are physically more powerful then a beholder. They have only the single central eye, and have been known to hide as a rock before pouncing on their prey. Unlike beholders, they lack telekinesis and eye stalks, and therefore having no hands, are very limited in their use of tools. The best most can muster is to hold a pick or hook in their mouths to press buttons and move objects. They can also use their several foot long tongue to move objects.

Like all beholderkin, astereaters are immune to the mental and alteration spell eyes of beholders and beholderkin, even though they do not have any of these powers themselves. They can still be affected by telekinesis, cause moderate wounds and disintegrate spell eyes, but not by sleep, charm, fear, slow, finger of death or flesh to stone spell eyes.

Astereaters can learn many types of occupations, including magic and psionic using ones.

Note: Astereaters, like all beholderkin, have a great amount of variation. They can vary in size, strength, appearance, as well as occasionally having unusual magical abilities. Although the life span of most astereaters is similar to a long lived human, the occasional astereater lives much longer then that.

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