Hero Abilities Package - Adarok


Adarok Racial Package (Cost 411-91=320)

Common Adorak Occupation Package (Cost 15)

Conversion Notes: The package deal is based on the adorak race from the Rifts role playing game. The Characteristics, Powers and Skills here represent the minimum found in an adarok, but they are often much higher. This write-up uses Champions 5th edition rules. The Characteristics cost for the SPD takes into account the bonus from the DEX. Magic spells draw power from the P.P.E. Endurance Reserve for END. Psionic abilities draw on the I.S.P. Endurance Reserve for END.

The adarok, or flying mountains, are a race of large and long lived monstrous giants who stand at least 40 feet tall, often larger. Adarok are immune to any heat or cold effects. They can see in the dark and see the invisible. Adarok are native to another dimension which was discovered by the interdimensional slavers called the Splugorth, so they can be found in small numbers as slaves or runaways in any dimension the Splugorth have been to. Adarok can become any wilderness occupation, such as a scout.

Adorak have a natural understanding of earth elemental magic and are naturally telepathic. They can also sense evil psionically.

To learn more about the adarok, I suggest purchasing and reading Rifts World Book Two: Atlantis by Kevin Siembieda.

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