Super-Ninja O.C.C. for Rifts Japan

The Rifts Japan book makes several references to the fact that genetic engineering experiments were taking place in Japan before the coming of the Rifts, but were outlawed. Well so were Juicer and Crazy technology, but the tech-ninja clans use these technologies, so why not a genetically engineered Super-Ninja I say? Here are the rules.

Ninja The Super-Ninja are the result of years of research into generic engineering. Like most experiments into genetically engineered super-beings the Super-Ninja gain a wide variety of seemingly random powers. The one thing that the scientists who created the Super-Ninja have nearly perfected is the genetic screening process. This allows them to screen out most potential candidates for engineering that would be killed or deformed by the procedure. Those who fail genetic screenings can still go on to become other types of Ninja. While only a small percentace of Ninja pass all the tests and qualify for genetic enhancement into super-beings, those that pass the tests are over 90 percent likely to gain beneficial mutations and supernaturally powerful bodies, and those who fail to gain them are rarely maimed, and go on to become other types of Ninja. The few who are horrible deformed and survive often become Ninja-Borgs.

1. Supernatural Body: The Super-Ninja becomes a minor Mega-Damage being with an M.D.C. equal to his P.E. plus 1D4 per level of experience. His P.S. is considered supernatural.
2. Regeneration: The Super-ninja recovers quickly from damage, moreover he heals quicker as he becomes more experienced. He regenerates 1 M.D.C. per hour per level of experience.
3. Super-Abilities: The Super-Ninja also gains the major super ability of Natural Combat Abilities and one random minor super ability.
Same skills as a Ninja Borg except they gain only three Secondary Skills. Use the Mystic Ninja experience point table.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, April, 1998 (

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