Shadow Witch O.C.C.

This O.C.C. is based loosely on the witches depicted in the television series Charmed, and adapted to be used in the Nightspawn role playing game.
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The Shadow Witch is a sub-race of humanity who have a natural link to magic. A variant of the Mystic O.C.C. Shadow Witches can have children with normal humans, and the children may or may not become Shadow Witches.

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  • 1. The Power Of The Witch: Each Shadow Witch has one natural magic power. It requires no special incantation or spell components, merely a look or a wave of the hand. Choose any single non-elite Nightspawn Talent that is available at first level. Unlike a Nightspawn, the Shadow Witch is not required to be in Morphus to activate their talent, since they have none. Alternately they may choose any one super-psionic power instead of a talent, but the psionic power is activated by expending P.P.E. instead of I.S.P.
  • 2. Initial Spell Knowledge: At first level the Shadow Witch starts with a total of six spells from first and second level. Once selected these spells cannot be changed. To cast these spells they Shadow Witch is required to say an incantation.
  • 3. Learning new spells: When the Shadow Witch reaches a new level of experience they learn new spells. At second level they get a total of three spells from level one through three. At third level they get a total of three spells from level one through four. At forth level and up get a total of two new spells from between level one and their current experience level.
  • 4. Enchanted Sight: All Shadow Witches are attuned to the supernatural, allowing them to see things most people cannot. They have the ability to see spirits, astral creatures, and the invisible. This ability is always on and costs no P.P.E. to activate.
  • 5. P.P.E.: 1D4x10+20 plus P.E. attribute. Add 1D6+1 P.P.E. per additional level of experience.

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    Shadow Witch O.C.C.

    Alignments: Any.
    Attribute Requirements: None.
    Racial Restrictions: Humans only.
    O.C.C. Skills: Same as the Mystic.
    Standard Equipment: Same as the Mystic.
    Money: Same as the Mystic.
    Appearance: Normal human.
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    Created by Mathew R. Ignash - October, 2001 (

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