Psi-Ninja O.C.C.

Ever notice that none of the ninja classes in Rifts Japan were psionic character classes. What would happen if a person was born a master psionic and trained as a ninja. This character class explains it all.

Ninja A small percentage of the popularion just seem to be born with potential to become master psionics, but how these psionics develop seem to be influenced by the formative years of each person with these tremendious powers. When a master psionic trains as a ninja as a youth, their powers are shaped into weapons and powers that aid them in their mission as spies and assassins.

1. Invisibility: The Psi-Ninja can become invisible to normal senses. Treat as superior invisibility. Costs 4 I.S.P. to activate and lasts 5 minutes per level of experience.
2. Psi-Blade: Similar to a psi-sword, this short blade extends from the ninja's hand or wrist. Damage is equal to 2D6 M.D.C. plus 2 M.D.C. per level of experience. Costs 5 I.S.P. to activate and lasts 1 minute per level of experience.
3. Psi-Armor: A light M.D.C. psioinic force field can be made by Psi-Ninja. M.D.C. is equal to M.E. times 2 plus 1D6 per level of experience. Costs 3 I.S.P. to activate and lasts 5 minutes per level of experience.
4. Other Psionics: The Psi-Ninja also gains a variety of regular psionic powers. At first level he gains 9 powers from any of the lesser psionic catagories and 2 super psionics with the same limitations as a mind melter. He also gains one psionic power from any catagory per additional level of experience.
5. I.S.P.: The Psi-Ninja has a base amount of I.S.P. equal to his M.E. plus 1D4x10 plus 2D6 per level of experience.
Same skills as a Ninja Borg except they gain only three Secondary Skills. Use the Ninja Borg experience point table.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, April, 1998 (

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