Unearthly Beauty Form Table

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''I tell you the woman who saved me looked just like Janice Hotchkiss, except with these green tentacles I tell ya!.'' Eyewitness account of the 2003 L.A. riot.

This table may by substituted for the table as in the Nightbane RPG, page 92, or rolls may be made from both. This table may also be useful if the Other result is gained on the first table.

  • 01-10% Opposite Sex: The Nightbane's Morphus is indeed very beautiful, for a member of the opposite sex! Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table, ignoring this result if rolled again, but make the form the opposite sex.

    Famous Beauty
  • 11-20% Famous Person: The Nightbane's Morphus resembles a movie star or famous personality, usually a sex symbol or rock star. P.B. becomes 18+1D6. The player may wish to choose someone he wishes to resemble, or randomly pick someone from a magazine. +1 Horror Factor due to the awe of being in the presence of a celebrity. If the Nightbane has no other obvious flaws, he might be able to pass himself off as the actual star they resemble, at at least a professional impersonator.

  • 21-30% Elemental Beauty: The Nightbane's beauty is linked to one of the four basic elements. They get a bonus of +1D4 to P.B. (minimum 19) and +1D4 to M.A. Also roll 1D4 on the following table:

  • 1 Air - Morphus has a whitish tint to it's skin. In Morphus form Nightbane can always breath easily in any environment and exhales fresh breathable air for a second person.
  • 2 Earth - Morphus has a brown tint to his skin. In Morphus form the Nightbane can do the equivalent of a Chameleon spell on himself at will.
  • 3 Fire - Morphus has a reddish tint to his skin. Half damage from fire in Morphus form and can emit a small flame from his fingers, eyes or mouth at will, doing a mere 1D4 damage, but useful for lighting things on fire.
  • 4 Water - Morphus has a blueish tint to his skin. He can breath under water in Morphus form and survive any pressure.

  • 31-40% Beautiful Altered Ethnic: The Nightbane's Morphus is beautiful, but is not of the same ethnic group as the Facade. Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table, ignoring this result if rolled again, and apply the below table for the ethnic background (roll 1D6 and re-roll if the roll would result in no change from their original ethnic group).

  • 1 American Indian
  • 2 Caucasian/White
  • 3 Negro/Black
  • 4 Oriental/Asian
  • 5 Combination (player's choice)
  • 6 Other (player's choice)

  • Vampire Beauty
  • 41-50% Vampire Like: The Nightbane's Morphus resembles that of the stereotypical movie vampire. Straight, dark hair, pale skin, slightly pointed canine teeth and ears. +2D4 P.B. +1 Horror Factor, +1D4 M.A. The Nightbane can purchase Elite talents relating to bats.

    Enlarged Beauty
  • 51-60% Exaggerated Sexual Features: The sexual features on the Nightbane are 1D4+4 times the size of Facade form. This appearance is difficult to conceal and always attracts unwanted attention. If the Morphus can pass for human the Nightbane could have a future in adult video. +1D4 P.B., +1 to Horror Factor, +1D6x10 to S.D.C. Despite apparent physical appearance, female Nightbane with this Morphus do not have back problems. Males with this Morphus will have difficulty finding pants that fit.

    Anime Beauty
  • 61-70% Anime Beauty: The Nightbane's Morphus is beautiful/handsome, but seems to be a cartoon artists idea of beauty. His nose is almost non-existent, eyes are overly large, and mouth is small, but opens overly wide when yelling. The Morphus's skin has a shiny, smooth texture, and he tends to stand perfectly still at times, only moving his mouth when talking. This makes him even more resemble an animation. 50% chance of having an unnatural hair color, like bright red, pink, blue or green. Bonus of +10% to Prowl, +1D4 P.B. (minimum of 17) +2D6 S.D.C.

    Professional Beauty
  • 71-80% Professional Beauty: The Nightbane's Morphus is not only beautiful but has on a sexy/erotic outfit from some type of professional career. They get a bonus of +1D4 to P.B. (minimum 19) and +1D4 to M.A. They also gain a certain skill while in Morphus form. Roll 1D6 on the following table.

  • 1 Sexy nurse or doctor - Gains First Aid skill at 98%.
  • 2 Sexy maid or butler - Gains Cooking skill at 98%.
  • 3 Sexy cheerleader - Gains Dance skill at 98%.
  • 4 Sexy sailor or pirate - Gains Navigation skill at 98%.
  • 5 Sexy cowbow/cowgirl - Gains Horsemanship skill at 98%.
  • 6 Sexy soldier - Gains Military Etiquette skill at 98%.

  • 81-90% Ghost Like Beauty: The Morphus of this Nightbane is beautiful, but pale and ghost-like. The Nightbane floats one inch above the ground constantly and can walk over the lightest surface without leaving a trail. He can also walk over water at full speed. The body is almost transparent and seems immaterial, but is solid to the touch. Add +2D4 to P.B. (minimum 19) and +1D4 to M.A. and +2 to Horror Factor

  • 91-100% Half & Half: The Morphus is beautiful, but is split to half one sex and half the other. This can one sex from the waist up and the other from the waist down, or can be split to left and right sides. Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table for each half. Average any bonuses (rounding up) but then add +1 Horror Factor. Re-roll if this result is gained again.

  • Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (mathewignash@comcast.net)

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