Bizarre Animal Form Table

- Animals the way nature never intended. -
A twisted look at the animal kingdom from Matt's Nightbane Shop.

The Nightbane's Morphus contains the shapes of an animal, but in exotic and unusual ways, even for a Nightbane. When rolling of this table you should also roll on the Animal Form table to determine the type of animal. Rolls that indicate multiple animals should be re-rolled. You will also need the particular animal form table that is rolled. Nightbane with these forms may purchase elite talents appropriate to the animal they gain attributes from.

This table may substitute for or add to the Alien Shape table in the basic Nightbane book.

  • 01-17% Animal Cowl and Cloak: The Nightbane's head appears to be surrounded by an animal head, with his face showing out the animal's open mouth. Attached at the neck is a permanent cloak of animal skin of that animal. The Nightbane gain 1 to Horror Factor, 2D6 to S.D.C. and he also gains any sensory abilities associated with the animal head form for that animal.

  • 18-34% Animal Head Hand: The one of the Nightbane's hands is replaced with an animal head. The arm gains skin or fur associated with that animal. The hand does normal punch damage plus the damage of a bite or horn attack from the animal head form from animal. Add 2D6 to S.D.C. and +3 to Horror Factor.

  • 35-50% Animal Feet: The Nightbane's feet and lower legs resemble that of the animal's in question. If the animal has no feet then either roll again on this table or roll another animal. The Nightbane can still walk normally, but wearing of shoes is a problem. Add 1D4 to kick damages, 1D6 to speed and 1 to Horror Factor.

  • 51-67% Doubleface: The Nightbane has two faces on his head, one on the front and one on the back. One is normal (well, normal for the Nightbane that is) and the other is that of the animal. The Nightbane can switch which head is forward each melee round. Only one head can be active at a time, the other becomes dormant. The Nightbane gains the bonuses of the animal head of the appropriate animal, but only when the animal head is active (except Horror Factor which is always applied). The Nightbane gains 2 to Horror Factor in addition to any bonus from the animal head. Anyone witnessing a head turnaround for the first time must save vs. Horror Factor. If the Nightbane gains any unusual facial features their is a even chance that the feature could apply to either of the faces.

  • 68-85% Animal Body Tattoo: The Nightbane's body sports a single large elaborate tattoo of the animal rolled. The Nightbane gains the same bonuses and senses as the humanoid animal of the appropriate animal, except for claw, bite or horn attacks.

  • 86-100% Extra Animal Limbs: The Nightbane has an extra pair of limbs coming from his torso. These limbs are from whatever type of animal was rolled. If the animal rolled has no limbs (like a snake) then either re-roll this result, or roll a different animal. These limbs are usually not manipulators, nor can they be wings. Add 1 attack per melee which does damage similar to hand attacks by the full animal form.

  • Another day, another dollar, Fred thought to himself. He certainly couldn't complain about the pay, but is was just too weird working at Club Freak. No matter how hard he worked at trying to be pleasant to the customers, every night it seemed like he'd have at least one of the guests try to scare the pants off of him, intimidate him, or downright threaten him. Usually the offending guest would be told to lay off, but that was no assurance one of these freaks wouldn't just off and snap him in half one day. ''Bartender?'' a lady called. She seamed pleasant enough to look at compared to most of his customers, human looking, even good looking, except for the strands of barbed wire wrapped around her, cutting into her otherwise pretty skin. She must have come in while he was on break. ''I'd like a martini and a bowl of warm milk.'' Fred had learned not to question odd requests, so he got the drink and bowl for the lady. As he sat them on the bar in front of her he said ''Usually just the first drink is on the house for each new guest, but I guess we can make that both of these...'' She giggled ''Thanks, but we are two guests you might say'', and she lifted her left arm onto the bar and brought it to the bowl. As Fred watched the cat's head on the end of her arm lick up the milk, he decided that maybe his other customers needed new drinks about now.

    Created by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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    Authored on Amiga.