Rifts Mutant Animal Powers:

Note: These powers are available to all mutants at the listed prices. Some mutant types have powers available to them at lower costs then those listed because their original animal stock had these powers. For instance, because a normal Teepowka has a natural chameleon ability, a mutant Teepowka only needs to spend 20 BIO-E to gain this power, instead of the usual 25 required. In these cases the special prices are listed in the animal's power section.



A note about psionics: Mutants with any of these powers become minor psionics, those who spend 40 BIO-E or more on them become major psionics. ISP is the same as for minor and major psionics given in the character generation section of Rifts. Only characters with psionic powers that require ISP to activate them get ISP.

Created by Mathew R. Ignash, January, 1999 (mathewignash@comcast.net)

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