Kingdom of Champions (410)

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Some of them have few disads, but that's how they were written. I added "DF, Detects as a mutant" to all the mutant characters. I had to guess about some powers, since some just said things like "has Force Field and flight" a didn't even say how much!

The Clansman had some small mistakes in his writeup. The cost of his stats was 132, not 32. His languages should cost 4 points, not 6. His Flash Defense should cost 6 points not 7. His WF should cost 12 points, not 11. Total cost of the character is 398 points.

The write-up of Doctor Goldwing fixes some messed up point values and adds the corrections from the KOC errata. Since Yeoman was incredible vague, I had to make some things up. He ended up coming out almost exactly 250 points, so I went the extra mile and made him a 100+150 point character, perfect for a starting PC in a UK setting. I made sure all the members of the London Watch knew "Watch Battle Language", even if their writeup didn't mention it.

I did change Starline's "Accidental Change" to a Distinctive Feature, since it was that she glows when near powerful magic... that's not an Accidental Change to me.

Mother Janet is based on the older, lower powered version of the character.

Blizzard King, Gale Force, Monsoon and Sandstorm lower power versions are 250 point characters. The high point versions are the ones when they are powered up.

Doctor Brutallus and Doctor Mantis were fleshed out to be 250 point villains.

There are two versions of Darkwing, one based on the lower cost version in the book, and the other based on the high point version from the Kingdom of Champions Errata.

I just assumed that Mile was a mutant telepath, no origin was given for her powers.

The Lesser Fomori were very obscure, because they are based on the writeup for Wintershade's demon form with changes, which in turn is based on the writeup for Powerhouse from the Champions book with changes.

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