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Honorable Mention: 1998

By Mathew R. Ignash. - Last updated on March 11, 1999.

A guide to articles concerning the
computer in non-Amiga magazines and news sources.

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  • 1998


  • An Oldie But Goodie: The Amiga, New Media News, December 18, 1998
    (A good article about the early days of the Amiga. Includes interviews with Dave Needle, who did much of the Amiga 1000 hardware design, Mitchell Freeman, a computer consultant, and talks about Jay Miner and his dog Mitchie.)
  • Compaq's Strategy; Shifts In Business; Motorola's Role by Rick Jones, Techweb, December 14, 1998
    (A former Western Digital technicial complains about the lack of mention of various 68k based system from a previous CRN article. He says ''the Amiga was the first to define multimedia.'' He also wishes he could see what a modern speed 68k based CPU would have preformed like in the line has continued development.)
  • Cloanto Releases Amiga OS for PCs, Techweb, December 14, 1998
    (It seems Techweb was slightly confused by the release of the on-line edition of the Amiga Forever emulator package. They reported that Cloanto ported the Amiga OS to the PC!)
  • Monitor - Budget's Net gains to create Irish hub by Sarra Marriot, Irish Times, December 7, 1998
    (Brief mention is made that some top game makers are looking into Amiga ports of their games.)
  • More Amiga Games, Wired News, December 3, 1998
    (Wired mentions the news of some ports of various popular video games that may be making their way to the Amiga soon. Quake II, Settlers II, Wipeout 2097 and Z may soon be added to the Amiga lineup.)
  • Volume 6 Issue 4 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, December 1998
    (The December Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes reviews of Turbo Print 6.0 and the Epson Stylus 400 and talks in great detail about QNX.)


  • Where are they now? by Matt Lake and Cormac Foster, CNet News, November 25, 1998
    (In this interest piece the authors list 10 pieces of old technology, and how they are headed for the future. Number 9 is the Amiga, which it says was an impressive machine and may come back under Gateway. Other items talked about include Java, OS2 and Rhapsody.)
  • The Rebol Alliance by Micheal Swaine, Web Review, November 20, 1998
    (Michael talks about the new Rebol language for the Amiga and other systems, and recommends trying it out.)
  • The future of the PC Industry by Marcus Markey, OS News, November 19, 1998
    (Marcus reflects on the future of the Amiga as a small footprint OS and how well it stacks up against it's competition. A long and very positive article.)
  • Amiga 2 to use QNX kernal by Mike Magee, The Register, November 14, 1998
    (An announcement that the next generation will use a micro kernal by QNX. They also say Amiga marketing will be focusing on gaming and internet applications.)
  • Racing Game and Odds-On Winner by Sue Ashton-Davis, The Australian, November 10, 1998
    (Although not a real positive Amiga story, I had to let other people see this. The Australian government is giving Structured Data Systems a cash grant to port it's Amiga-based gambling software to PC clones! Anyone at Amiga International talking to these people? On the bright side it does say that the Amiga-based gambling machines are used at Jupiter Casinos.)
  • Commentary: The Machine That Wouldn't Die by Fred Moody, ABC News Tech, November 9, 1998
    (Fred does a interest article on the Amiga, and continues the x86 based Amiga story. He also mentions the Computer 98 show next week in Germany and links to the official Amiga sites. Includes quotes by Amiga dealer Greg Scott and Amiga official Bill McKewan.)
  • Mac The Knife: ¡Viva Amiga!, MacWeek, November 3, 1998
    (Mac gets his just deserts for the utterly flase story he printed on October 27th.)
  • Volume 6 Issue 3 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, November 1998
    (The November Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray.)
  • Celebrating Atari, Next Generation, November 1998, p. 8
    (During this overview of the World of Atari show it is mentioned that many unique prototypes and design concepts were shown off. Among these was a copy of the agreement between Atari and Amiga Corp. from the mid 80's. Amiga Corp. had an agreement to sell the Amiga custom chips to Atari, but then broke off the agreement when Commodore made them a better offer.)


  • Gateway Lazurus box to revive Amiga by Tony Smith, The Register, October 28, 1998
    (The Register of London repeats the misinformation from the October 27th MacWeek story.)
  • Real Audio for Amiga?!?!, Browserwatch News, October 27, 1998
    (Report of a joint effort to bring a Real Audio player to the Amiga platform. They already have a player that works on some Real Audio files.)
  • Mac The Knife: ¡Hola, Amiga!, MacWeek, October 27, 1998
    (Mac the Knife claims to have inside info on the new Amiga under Gateway. He says it's a PowerPC based CHRP-compliant machine running Amiga OS 4.0 called the Lazurus. Note: Don't take a word of this article seriously.)
  • Apple's new Mac IIx came under fire - Looking Back, New Zeland Press, October 27, 1998
    (In this story about what was going on in computers 10 years ago in New Zeland it is mentioned that Turner Office Products had started to carry the Amiga 500.)
  • New software puts complex web tasks into simple terms by Chris Oaks, The Detroit News, October 6, 1998
    (A reprint of the October 1st article from Wired News below.)
  • No fool like an old fool?, The Scotsman, October 6, 1998
    (A slightly error filled report on the new Web.It internet box. For instance they say Gateway bought both Amiga and Commodore copyrights from Escom and sold the Commodore ones off to Tulip. Actually Escom sold Commodore off right after getting it years ago, and Gateway only purchased the Amiga.)
  • Amiga's New Face(s) Under G2K, TechSightings by Robin Miller, October 5, 1998
    (Robin reviews the Amiga Inc. web site. He also refers to the Amiga as ''an elegant, well-designed platform.'')
  • New Messaging Language REBOL Transforms Information Over Networks, Business Wire, October 1, 1998
    (Announcement of the new networking language for Amiga computers and a number of other platforms called REBOL, created by pioneering Amiga programmer Carl Sassenrath.)
  • Server-Side Scripting, Brother by Chris Oaks, Wired News, October 1, 1998
    (Chris reports on the REBOL language release, and talks to Carl Sassenrath, creator of REBOL, Larry Wall, creator of Perl, and Mathew R. Ignash, creator of Honorable Mention about it!)
  • The Rexx Language by Don Limbaugh, Computer Bits, October 1998
    (Don gives a fairly good intro to the Rexx language for several platforms including the Amiga.)
  • Volume 6 Issue 2 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, October 1998
    (The October Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes a review of Dune II and Foundation.)


  • A Hollywood Star Called... NewTek? - Tinseltown's leading supplier of animation software is gearing up for HDTV, Business Week, September 21, 1998, p. 123-124
    (An article about NewTek and it's founder Tim Jenison. Includes positive mention of the Amiga's abilities in video, even if it does refer to it in the past tense. It also says a new Video Toaster is under development that is HDTV compatable. Although it says the new Toaster is for Windows, which has been vaporware for years, I wonder about the fact that the new Amiga from Gateway scheduled for the end of 1999 is supposed to be HDTV compatable. Note: Thanks to Kevin Orme for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Yamaha Introduces the Worlds First 4X-Rewrite CD-RW Drive, Business Wire, September 14, 1998
    (Yamaha introduce CD-ROM rewriters that can 4X write, 4X rewrite, and 16X read. SCSI and EIDE models are available and they point out Amiga compatability.)
  • Talkback to Jesse Berst - I Prefer Amiga by Mike Pearson, ZD Anchordesk, September 10, 1998
    (After Jesse writes a legnthy article on several alternatives to Windows, Mike write him to let him know that he has tried several of them and prefers the Amiga. He also notes that Gateway is very serious about the Amiga.)
  • Volume 6 Issue 1 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, September 1998
    (The September Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes a review of the DKB 3128 RAM card, Quake v1.01 and a number of other news topics.)
  • Tomorrow Today - What's coming - RetrOS by Jennifer Hillner and Patricia Kruger, Wired, September 1998, p. 70
    (In this time-line of new technologies to be released, the coming of the Amiga OS 5.0 machines is listed for Winter 1999. Note: Thanks to Chris Jones and John Block for pointing this one out to me.)


  • Students floppies turned up Stoned by David Armstrong, New Zealand News, August 25, 1998
    (In this report of what was happening in computer news 10 years ago this month, David reports that an Amiga user group was formed in New Zealand.)
  • Amiga Rumors by Jean-Louis Gassee, Be Newsletter, August 19, 1998
    (Jean-Louis denies rumors of BeOS being used in the new Amiga development at Gateway. He also states that he doesn't think the AmigaOS needs to be re-written, as it's very modern, and how much he and those at Apple feared it when it came out. Note: Thanks to Kevin for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Can the Web ressurect the C64? by Angus Kidman, APC Magazine, August 17, 1998
    (In this article about the Web.It computer the author mentions Gateway's plans with the Amiga but repeats the error that the AmigaOS is being ported to PC clones.)
  • Titanic Effort? Startup Plant to salvage Commodore 64 by Robert Lemos, ZD Network News, August 13, 1998
    (Web Computers International, a Dutch company, will be showing off a new portable computer called the Web.It in August. It runs Windows 3.1, MS-DOS and comes with a C64 emulator, and it's internet ready. It outputs to a TV screen. It uses the AMD ELAN SC405 for a CPU, and has 16mb of memory, floppy drive, 2mb of flash memory, and a 56kbps modem. It also ships with some Netscape and Lotus Software. Of course industry analyst David Card of Jupiter Communications Inc. says no one uses C64 stuff any more, and says it's not like the Amiga, one of the few computers of it's era that is still around. Note: The first IBM PCs were from 1981 and first Macintoshs were from 1984. The first Amiga from 1986 is newer then any of them.)
  • Amiga's Roman Amigos by Chris Oaks, Wired News, May 19, 1998
    (Wired reports the availability of Tornado 3D, a new Amiga 3D modeling program from Eyelight.)
  • The Amiga Computer: A Viable Alternative in Home Automation? by Jim Hines, Home Toys, August 1998
    (Jim gives a rather extensive and technical article on how he uses an Amiga 2000 computer to control home and workplace automation. He also goes over a bit about the Amiga computer, and it's bright future.)
  • Volume 5 Issue 12 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, August 1998
    (The August Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes a review of the Soundprobe 1.76 and a special section about Amigas on the internet.)


  • On The Edge - Amiga Plans Comeback by Robert Wright, Toronto Star, July 30, 1998
    (A reminder that their are other computer systems, and one, the Amiga, has recently announced new hardware and software designs for the market by November.)
  • The Church of Amiga by Greg Lindsay, Salon Magazine, July 23, 1998
    (A story that seems to imply that the average Amiga user is a raving looney running a piece of mid-80's nostalgia with no power or new software since Reagan was in office. They say their have been no new models since 1992. Of course this overlooks the dozens of enhancements to the 1200 and 4000T as well as the Access in 1997. This article does talk with Joe Torre and Bill McEwen of Amiga Inc. and several others who were at the Amiwest '98 show. It also talks about future developments for the platform. Note: Thanks to Andy Weaver for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Amiga friends keep the faith, hope for revival: Not made in years, brand is still adored by Clint Swelt, Sacramento Bee, July 20, 1998
    (Interviews with Bill McEwen, an Amiga spokesman, Ian Webster, a programmer, and Paul Montgomery of Play Inc. about the Amiga and talks about the Amiwest '98 show. It contains several errors. It says the GUI is like that of an early Mac, which it surpassed by far and they say Amiga OS 4.0 is a modest upgrade to the OS. They continue the Intel based Amiga myth and they also say no new Amigas have been built since the early 1990's. Ever hear of the Access?)
  • Whatever happened to PNG by Paul E. Schindler Jr., Techweb, July 20, 1998
    (Paul does an article about PNG implementation on the web, and he notes that it first gained support on the Amiga, but was slow to get software on other platforms.)
  • Choice is not a four letter word by Joshua Galun, Shaw, July 15, 1998
    (An article about how different choices in computers is good. Has a good section on the Amiga community and the future machies under Gateway's wing.)
  • Web-Server Choice: Apache by John Gartner, Techweb, July 15, 1998
    (All about why a number of big companies are choosing to use the free Apache web server, which is available on the Amiga, over commercial products.)
  • The Return of Amiga by Lamont Wood, Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1998
    (A good overview of the past and possible future for the Amiga. Includes talk with Bill McWcen of Amiga Inc., Jason Comption of Amiga Report, and Joe Muoio of Software Hut. It also makes the guess that the new mystery chip is a PowerPC G4.)
  • Source of the magic - The combination of the OS and the chipset made Amiga special by Lamont Wood, Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1998
    (All about the Amiga OS and chipset, and an interview with Carl Sassenrath.)
  • Toast of an industry by Lamont Wood, Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1998
    (All about the Video Toaster, and an interview with Newtek CEO Tim Jenison.)
  • Sacramento Business: Amiga computer show set for weekend, Sacramento Bee, July 9, 1998
    (Announcement of the AmiWest '98 show.)
  • Rebol Offers Cross-Platform Messaging by Andy Patizio, Techweb, July 9, 1998
    (A report of how the new Rebol language is being debuted at the AmiWest '98 show in California.)
  • Gateway To Relaunch Amiga - New Rev Of OS Due Later This Year, The Register, July 7, 1998
    (A brief report that the Amiga will be licensed as a hardware OEM, and the a new OS update is due for later in 1998.)
  • Amiga Prepares For A Comeback by Andy Patizio, Techweb, July 6, 1998
    (A mostly positive story about the Amiga computer, but contains a few errors. For instance it states Commodore went bankrupt in 1993, but it was 1994.)
  • Personal Tech - Laptops rule - Cheap, fast and mobile computers push PCs aside by Susan Gregory Thomas, US News, July 6, 1998
    (Susan says the model for computers in the future is the Amiga, ''a simple, inexpensive machine packed with memory instead of processing power that ran graphics and video at fast speeds...''. It also includes a link to the Amiga Inc. web site.)
  • Amiga Prepares For A Comeback, Design Cafe, July 1998
    (This Australian magazine does a story about recent announcements by Amiga Inc. Includes quotes from Bill McEwen of Amiga Inc.)
  • Volume 5 Issue 11 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, July 1998
    (The July Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes a review of the Wizard 560 mouse.)


  • Amiga Machines Won't Play Nice With Windows by Matt Krantz, Investors Business Daily, June 30, 1998, page A8-A9
    (IBD talk to Amiga Inc. general manager Jeff Schindler about the future Amiga. They seem to completely obsessed with the fact that it's NOT a Windows machine!)
  • Like it or not, 486 keeps Windows 95 users in slow lane by James Coates, Chicago Tribune, June 22, 1998
    (During the Q and A section of the column, Ray Madden asks what the Amiga is. James says it ''was nothing less then the greatest computer in America during it's zenith back in 1985.'' and now Gateway 2000 plans to continue the line. Note: The first Amiga was released in 1986.)
  • The Justice Department Case - A Wrongheaded Approach by Brian-Roland Miller, Ban Microsoft, June 2, 1998
    (Brian makes the case that making M$ bundle Netscape isn't free exactly free choice for users, not when their are so many options out there. He says competition is returning as ''even Amiga is roaring back under a defiant Gateway's wing.'' Note: Only letting you choose from the top two when dozens of choises exist seems to be pattern, I voted for Harry Browne. Note: Thanks to Greg Harris for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Volume 5 Issue 10 by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, June 1998
    (The June Monitor features this collection of Amiga news by Tom and Ray. Includes a review of CygnusEd Professional v4.2.)


  • Good call. And the Amiga deal will help too by Elliot Christenson, ZD Net Anchordesk, May 28, 1998
    (In response to an article about Gateway's promising future, Elliot also notes that their purchase of the Amiga line may end up being a major victory if they play their cards right.)
  • Interactive TV new role for Amiga OS, New Zealand News Press Online, May 26, 1998
    (Yet another report that the Amiga OS is being ported to PC and Windows CE machines. They also say the new Amiga OS may incorperate Linux, BeOS or Java. Personally I would be on Java, but not the rest.)
  • Phase 5 Amiga, PC Power Play, May 24, 1998, p. 110
    (This Australian gaming magazine announced the pre\box and says it may be the gaming machine of the future. Note: Thanks to Lance Holden for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Amiga Relaunches PC System by Mark Prigg, Sunday Times, May 24, 1998
    (Confusion about the current development direction continues to build. This story says that Gateway 2000 has decided to make the Amiga OS for PC-AT clones, and it includes quotes from Amiga Inc's marketing president Bill McEwen. This story takes the whole notion so far as to say that Amiga Inc. are taking advantage in the delay of Windows 98 to announce it's product! I hope Windows 98 isn't delayed that long, I'm looking forward to listening to bug reports from my WIntel using friends. It also states that Netscape is being ported.)
  • Amiga War Drums Beating by Alex St. John, Matt Cummard, Kurt Keyes, Max Bell, Marc Tressier and Perry Longinotti, Bootnet Ask Alex, May 22, 1998
    (A number of writers chime-in in Alex St. John's column about recent Amiga developments. Note: Bootnet did an opinion survey as to ''How do you feel about Gateway resuscitating the Amiga?'' the Results are here.)
  • Fresh Start for Amiga by Dave Cusick, Guardian Online, May 21, 1998
    (Dave reports on Amiga systems moving to new CPU's and having systems on cards. He repeats many of the misconsceptions that became public after the May 15th press conference. Note: Thanks to Michael Carrillo for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Amiga Is Back In Business, Bootwire, May 20, 1998
    (A pretty good synopsis of the Amiga, in fact you'd think this article was written by taking notes from Chris Oak's Wired story from May 19th, although this story does have a cool new Amiga Inc. logo.)
  • Infinite Ventures Acquires Award Winning Adventure Series, Business Wire, May 20, 1998
    (Infinite Ventures has acquired the rights to several old games, like Shadowgate and Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective and is considering re-releasing them and making sequals. Note: Feel free to contact them at and ask about Amiga versions.)
  • Bill Gates and Jesus in opportunity of a window by Jenny Sinclair, The Age, May 19, 1998
    (Artist Steve Middleton did a exhibit called Interactive Jesus, which contained randomly generated religious images, along with small shots of Bill Gates. It was programmed on a Windows NT machine, but two Amiga 4000 systems were used to display the final results ''for their speed and suitability for multitasking.'')
  • Amiga Attempts to Rise Again by Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld, May 19, 1998
  • Back? The Amiga Never Left by Chris Oaks, Wired News, May 19, 1998
    (A big detailed story about the Amiga comeback under Gateway 2000, including interviews with several Amiga personalities like Bill McEwen of Amiga Inc., Kate Johnson of EZTV, Alexander Dorn, and Mathew R. Ignash of Honorable Mention fame.)
  • Amiga Back in Business by Stephanie Miles, Gamecenter.COM, May 18, 1998
    (Stephanie talks about the announcements of Amiga OS 4.0, the ''bridge'' machine, and a new Amiga based PC-TV.)
  • Letters to the Editor by Holger Rabbach, Mathew R. Ignash, Gary Colville, Chris Fraser and John Chandler, OS News, May 18, 1988
    (A flood of letters to OS News for their recent Amiga coverage. Much of it centers on squashing the rumor of porting the Amiga OS to PC-AT clones.)
  • Need to Know - Amiga Makeover: Software to Be Focus by Liz Enbysk, ZDNet Anchordesk, May 18, 1998
    (Liz wonders if the Amiga OS 4.0 could be a Windows alternative in the making. Also check out the links to people's comments on the subject. A lot of Windows users begging to run Amiga OS here.)
  • Plans for new Amiga emerge by Stephanie Miles and Brooke Crothers, CNET News, May 17, 1998
    (News of a new Amiga OS upgrade raising more questions then answers. Includes CNET Radio coverage.)
  • O'Donnel On Computers - News, Everything Computers, May 16, 1998
    (Announcement of the coming OS 4.0 release and sub-$1000 systems.)
  • Comeback is planned for an old favorite - Gateway wants to revive the Amiga computer. A new operating system is scheduled in November. by Dan Stets, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 16, 1998
    (Dan reports that Amiga Inc. plan a new OS for consumers by the end of 1999.)
  • Opera Software on AmigaOS! by Deputy Dawg and Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, May 15, 1998
    (Report of the May 13th announcement of Opera's web browser being ported to the Amiga.)
  • Amiga Lives!, Wired News, May 15, 1998
    (An announcement of Amiga Inc.'s OS 4.0 plans and new Amiga hardware.)
  • Amiga: Back for the Future by Robin Miller, Andover News, May 14, 1998
    (Excellent story that talks about the Amiga history, and it's place in the future, includes many links and contact info.)
  • New Amiga Rumors, Slashdot, May 14, 1998
    (Some commentary from the readers at Slashdot on the new rumored Amiga hardware.)
  • One Giant Leap For Space Junk, Wired, May 14, 1998
    (In this collection of technology news, it is mentioned that the Opera web browser is being ported to Amiga by RamJam Consultants Ltd. Note: Thanks to Richard Lake for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Life Beyond IE and Netscape by Gary Krakow, MSNBC, May 5, 1998
    (Gary gives a positive review and feature list of the Opera web browser, which he says has an Amiga port in the works.)


  • Vintage Computing part 3 by Nathan Taylor, APC Magazine, April 28, 1998
    (Nathan goes over the history of the Amiga, and remarks on it's unique abilities and emulators.)
  • Everybody Won at East Vs. West Coast Computer Bowl, Newsbytes News Network, April 26, 1998
    (A trivia contest was held between East and West coast computer experts. One question asked was who bought Amiga Technologies in 1997. Watch it on the Computer Chronicles TV show.)
  • Gateway 2000 saves Amiga; Acquisition Decision Pending by Dan Briody, Infoworld, April 7, 1998
  • NiftyServe Closes English Service, Newsbytes News Network, April 7, 1998
    (An old Japanese online service called Jiffyserve has closed it's English Service devision because of competition with the internet. This text only online service is similar to Compuserve of the mid 80's. They even had an Amiga forum, for english speaking Japanese Amiga users.)
  • Amiga Voyager Updated To v2.95 by Peter Stuard and Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, April 6, 1998
    (An announcement of the Voyager web browser for the Amiga being updated to v2.95.)
  • Newtek Announces Video Toaster and Video Toaster Flyer Promotional Pricing, PR Newswire, April 1, 1998
    (Newtek announced big price cuts for the several Video Toaster packages, including some that contain Amiga 4000T computers.)
  • In the land of the Amiga aliens - Reflections on a computer that will not die by Jeff Evans, The Computer Paper, April 1998
    (Evan does a story about the fact that Amiga systems have continued to function, long after Commodore died. He gets the year of the Commodore's demise wrong, it was 1994. He also talks about how expensive new systems are, but remember the prices are in Canadian dollars. Feel free to write letters to their letters page thanking them for this article and asking them for more coverage. Note: Thanks to Jay Swackhamer for pointing this one out to me.)
  • by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, April 1998
    (The April monitor includes this collection of Amiga news.)


  • New Browser for the Amiga! (soon) by Massimo Mancini and Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, March 30, 1998
    (An announcement of features of the yet-to-be-released Amiga web browser, Finale Web Cruiser.)
  • Amiga Browser Update! by Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, March 23, 1998
    (David responds to that fact that the Amiga Browser Boulevard section of Browserwatch is badly out of date. He says he will update it in a few weeks.)
  • Mind-blowing AmigaOS machine sports quad G3 processors, MacOS Rumors, March 21, 1998
    (This Macintosh fan page is amazed to see the new pre\box Amiga with four 300mhz CPU's. They only wish MacOS software ran on it. I say let them run Fusion.)
  • Connected: Determined to solder on In my opinion, Daily Telegraph London, March 19, 1998
    (The author points out that so many computer gadget magazines seem to be crazed about set top boxes that allow you to browse the internet with your television, without buying a $2000 PC. ''They are apparently unaware that you can get the same effect with a second-hand Commodore Amiga...'')
  • But will it play Quake 2?, Bootwire, March 18, 1998
    (Bootwire reports the announcement of the pre\box Amiga from Phase 5. Note: Feel free to e-mail them at and ask for more coverage.)
  • Can Amiga Rise Again? by Stephanie Miles, Gamecenter.COM, March 17, 1998
    (Gamecenter.COM reprints the story from the March 13th C/Net News.)
  • Amiga Rides Again?! by Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, March 16, 1998
    (Browserwatch reports on the CNet News story below about the Phase 5 pre\box and Amiga 98 show.)
  • IBrowse 1.2 Now Available!! by Dave Garaffa and Emanuel Mair, Browserwatch News, March 16, 1998
    (Browserwatch reports the web browser IBrowse from HiSoft has been updated to version 1.2.)
  • VoyagerNG Hits v2.95 by Dave Garaffa and Kimme Utsi, Browserwatch News, March 16, 1998
    (The web browser VoyagerNG V2.95 from VaporWare is out!)
  • Monitor - New SuperAmigas by Michael Cunningham, Irish Times, March 16, 1998
    (The Irish Times reports the new pre\box from Phase 5. Note: I mailed a copy of the pre\box press release to Michael, and I was the one who refered to it as a SuperAmiga. It's good to see my work hard pay off.)
  • Can Amiga Rise Again? by Stephanie Miles, CNet News, March 13, 1998
    (Stephanie writes about the new multi-processor pre\box and the Gateway Amiga 98 show.)
  • Better Emulate Then Never by Dave Cusick, Guardian Online, March 5, 1998
    (A good article on the state of emulation. Although it mostly talks about emulation on PC-AT clones and Macs, it does provide a link to Amiga Emulators Central.)
  • Old computers never die, they go to clubs by Glenn Mulcaster, The Age, March 3, 1998
    (A story about the Microcomputer Club of Melbourne or MICOM which is 21 years old. They specialize in platform independence, and include the Amiga platform in their group.)
  • by Ray Binda and Tom Leroux, Monitor, March 1998
    (The March Monitor includes the first in hopefully a long line of Amiga news columns.)
  • Cribsheet - Stuff every gamer should know., Next Generation, March 1998, p. 22
    (This month's Cribsheet subject is the Amiga. They mention it's history, some of it's acomplishments, and creators. They also say ''Gateway has since purchased the Amiga technology, but its intentions on the hardware are not yet known.'' Please feel free to e-mail the Next-Generation letters page and let them know what Gateway 2000 has been doing and that you would like to have more coverage on the Amiga. Note: Thanks to David Waldrop for pointing this one out to me.)


  • Java Port for Amiga! by Dave Garaffa and Mathew Ignash, Browserwatch News, February 25, 1998
    (Dave reports on a letter from me that an Amiga port of Kaffe, a freeware Java, is available.)
  • Computers & Technology - Amiga - Slowly - Enters New Gateway by Matt Krantz, Investors Business Daily, February 25, 1998, p. A9
    (IBD reports that Gateway 2000's business plans for the Amiga will be disclosed at the end of the month. Gateway also says their are 2 million Amiga users worldwide. Jim Taylor of Gateway asks everyone to give them some time revitalizing the Amiga, ''The other guys took 15 years to mess Amiga up, so give us some time...'')
  • Computers & Technology - Commodore Wrote The Book On Cheap PCs, Computer TV by Matt Krantz, Investors Business Daily, February 25, 1998, p. A8-A9
    (A story on what went wrong with Commodore. They speculate that Commodore spent too much time with the 8-bit line and too little with the Amiga and it's advertising. They say it's the first computer ''with four-channel stereo multitasking...''?!?)
  • Talkback to Jesse Berst - Have multithreading with graphics with Amiga by Paul Branney, ZDNet Anchordesk, February 13, 1998
    (A Paul responds to an articles on how powerful PC-AT clones are getting with the fact that he is waiting for the new Amiga systems like the high-end Dec Alpha hybrids or the multi-PowerPC systems recently announced.)
  • Organization to unite communications developers by Andy Patrizio, Techwire, February 5, 1998
    (With the source code for Netscape becomming available for general public licence, an orginization called Openscape is trying to help facilitate ports to various systems including Amiga. Note: Thanks to JPC for pointing this one out to me.)
  • Amitrix sends out AWeb v3.1 by Dave Garaffa and Mathew R. Ignash, Browserwatch News, February 2, 1998
    (The demo version of AWeb v3.1 is now available according to this Browserwatch news item.)
  • Feedback Forum - In need of an Amiga by T.L. Trice, Computer Shopper, February 1998
    (A letter to the editor thanking them for the Amiga story in the October Buyers Alert and saying many positive things like ''...if there was a computer that deserved to survive, it's the Amiga. For over 10 years its been doing all the wonderful things that other platforms have just recently begun to tackle.'')


  • Netscape Announces to Freely Distribute Browsers and Source-Code for Next-Gen Browsers by Chuck Toporek, Web Review, January 23, 1998
    (In an article about Netscape's coming release of their source code, Mel Matsuoka is quoted as saying he thinks this move will allow Netscape to be ported to operating systems like the Amiga.)
  • Gateway 2000 Reports Record Shipments, Sales and Earnings Per Share for Forth Quarter, Business Wire, January 22, 1998
    (In their quarterly report, Gateway 2000 report good news, and list the highlights of 1997, including the acquisition of the Amiga, they say ''Amiga pioneered developments in multimedia, 32-bit multitasking, and auto-configuration.'')
  • Bloodletting behind album, Evening Standard, January 21, 1998
    (A story of Steve Mitchell, who just cut his first music album, Everything's Distorted. It includes several tracks which were created on his vintage Amiga 500 system.)
  • AWeb v3.1 Hits The Net by Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, January 16, 1998
    (An announcement that AWeb v3.1 is available, and it supports JavaScript.)
  • Opera for Amiga?!? by Dave Garaffa, Browserwatch News, January 12, 1998
    (Dave reports on the possibility of porting the Opera web browser to the Amiga.)
  • Macworld Developers' Java Programming Perking, Newsbytes News Network, January 9, 1998
    (Many Mac developers are now programming in Java, so they don't have to worry about their platform. One person also notes that development on a platform doesn't just disappear overnight. ''People are still writing for the Amiga.'')
  • Daily News by Mathew R. Ignash, OS News, January 6, 1998
    (OS News prints a letter I wrote about the port of Doom to the Amiga. Includes a link to, the home page of many Doom ports.)
  • So you wanna be a Webmaster? by Michael Cunningham, Irish Times, January 5, 1998
    (While explaining what you need to write your own web page, Michael says any text editor will do if you want to create HTML, even Ed on the Amiga.)
  • Amiga: a computing alternative reemerges? by Paul Angyal, Toronto Computes, January 1998
    (A very good synopsis on the current state of the Amiga revival. Includes mention of the new DCE and Index Information clones, high end Amiga software, and the Computer 97 show. Also offers a bunch of Amiga related web sites. Note: Thanks to W.A. MacIntyre for pointing this story out to me.)
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