Gamma World Conversion: Orlen R.C.C.

From the biological archives of Lazlo:

Species: Homo Orlencia

Orlen Background: The Orlen is a race genetically stable race of variant humans. They are believed to have evolved in isolation somewhere in central North America, and have become a species unto themselves. They can only reproduce viable offspring with other Orlen, not any other kind of human variant. They are most common to North America, being found in small numbers as far north as Lazlo and as far south as the Pecos Empire, although lone members of this race can be found anywhere. Orlens as a race show an aptitude towards both telepathy and telekinesis, as well as possessing other psionic powers with less frequency. They also seem to display a knack for focusing themselves on certain mental tasks. They also seem to display a level of awareness of their surroundings that surpasses common humans.

Appearance: The Orlen appears to be a human with two heads set on wide shoulders and chest. They also have two complete sets of arms at the shoulder. Mutation variation is rare, only about 5% display one or two minor mutations (given on page 12 of the Rifts book). They commonly display tan caucasian skin tones and dark straight hair.

Game Statistics:

Note: Basically the same as humans with only minor changes as noted.
Alignment: Any
Attributes: I.Q.: 2D6+6
M.E.: 2D6+6
P.P.: 3D6+2
Hit Points: P.E.x2 plus 1D8 per level
Psionics: Has Telepathy, Telekinesis (physical power), and any two powers from any of the categories of Sensitive, Physical or Healing. Also have the Will Force power, described in the Mutant Animal Powers section. I.S.P. is M.E.+4D6 plus 1D6+1 per level. Considered a major psionic unless they take a psionic character class that makes them a master psionic.

Bonuses: +1 Attack per melee and get to make two perception rolls whenever one is called for, keeping the best roll.

Penalties: Must find custom made armor, considered a dangerous mutant by the Coalition.

O.C.C.'s: Orlens must choose an O.C.C. during character creation just like humans. Available O.C.C.'s include any of the men at arms except Coalition and Juicer (normal Juicer chemicals do not work on them, but can become a Maxi-Killer juicer), and any scholar and adventurer. Cyber-Knight Orlen never gain extra psionics, they already have psionic powers. Crazy Orlens gain new psionics as normal, but gain half the additional ISP to their normal amount. Operator Orlens can choose to give up the two psionics of choice in favor of Telemechanics and gain no additional I.S.P. They can also become men of magic, and gain any associated psionics, but again only half the I.S.P. is added to their normal amount when taking classes like the Mystic or Techno-Wizard that have psionics. Psionics classes are available to the Orlen, but they loose the two powers of choice in favor of the powers associated with the class. I.S.P. will become whichever amount is higher, psionic class or racial class total. Remember that major psionics have penalties to their skills when taking non-psionic character classes. Orlens cannot become Tattooed Men, as magic tattoos do not work on them.

Created by TSR for the Gamma World RPG.
Converted to Rifts rules by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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