Gamma World Conversion: Gazilla

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From the biological archives of Lazlo:


Species: Heloderma Suspectum Gigantis

Background: One of the most terrifying menaces of the deep deserts, are these gigantic mutant gila monsters. They constantly give off high levels of radiation. They can loose a mighty roar that can shatter M.D.C. materials. Gazilla Monsters hunt giant insects, and will sometimes mistake vehicles for prey animals. They occupy the top of the natural food chain, and only have each other and combat robots to look out for. They are very rarely encountered near settled areas. Rumors are that some Keepers of the Desert have tamed some of these beasts. Since Keepers are immune to radiation this is possible. Gazilla's don't seem capable of reproduction, and are actually a spontanous mutation that occasionally occures among the gila monster population since the coming of the rifts.

Appearance: Gazillas look similar to the gila monsters they sprang from, except they can grow over 50 feet long. They also seem to glow from the radiation they give off.

Game Statistics:

Alignment: None, but are considered anarchist or evil.
Attributes: I.Q.: Low animal intelligence.
M.E.: 3D6
M.A.: 3D4
P.S.: 2D6+45
P.P.: 3D6
P.E.: 3D6+8
P.B.: 3D4
Spd.: 3D6+12.
M.D.C.: 350 plus 1D4x100.
Average Life Span: Can live for hundreds of years.
P.P.E.: 6d6
Natural Abilities: Gazillas have the equivalent of the major super abilities of Sonic Power and Control Radiation, but only abilities number 1, 3, 4, 8 and 10.
R.C.C. Combat: Attacks per melee: Two claws and one bite or tail attack.
Damage: Claws do 1D4x10, bite does 1D6x10, tail lash does 1D4x10.
Bonuses: +2 to strike with tail lash, +2 to parry and dodge. +5 to save vs. Horror Factor.
Magic: None
Psionics: None
Enemies: Only humanoids and large predators.
Allies: None.
Value: None, unless a bounty is put on them to by a town that it is terrorizing. Usually it will only attack small parties of humanoids or livestock. Their meat is vile tasting and radioactive.
Habitat: Usually found in the Arizona, Texas, and Mexico deserts, especially in highly radioactive areas.

Created by and picture provided by Barclay Johnson.
Converted to Rifts rules by Mathew R. Ignash, March, 2002 (

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