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Amiga Decade - June 1988

By Mathew R. Ignash. - Last updated on May 16, 1998.

The latest news on the Amiga computer, ten years ago!

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Amiga magazines:

Amazing Computing Volume 3 Number 6, June 1988

Published by PiM Publications. 130 color pages. Cover price is $3.95. Cover stories include ''Amiga Programming: Capitol Gains'' and ''1988 Developers Conference''. The cover picture is a picture of the White House with a Boing Ball dome, flying an Commodore logo flag.. Inside includes a list of dealers that sell Amazing Computing. A section in the back indexes Fred Fish disks from 1-138. Ads in the magazine include Lattice, Newtek, New Horizons Software, Lamplighter Software Inc., Aegis, California Access, Actionware Corp, Telecom Software, Invision, A-Squared Distributors, Microbiotics, The Other Guys and Megatronics all putting in full page ads. Among the top stories inside are a report that over 600,000 Amiga's have been sold so far, and over 1,100 pieces of software are available. It also includes an Amiga product guide to software inside.

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Stories from other sources:


  • Compute Specific - Amiga by Rhett Anderson, Compute, June 1988, p. 43
    (Compute devotes a page to Amiga specific news, product announcements, and tips.)
  • Newsbytes News Network

  • Britbytes - Bytes of News From Around the UK, Newsbytes News Network, June 28, 1988
    (Prism Leasure Corperation has released Football Manager II for Amiga for 19.99 UKP.)
  • Britbytes - Bytes of News From Around the UK, Newsbytes News Network, June 21, 1988
    (Digita International will release a port of Digicalc for Amiga next month for 39.95 UKP.)
  • Frontier: Aggessive Price Cuts, Newsbytes News Network, June 21, 1988
    (Frontier Software has announced price cuts on it's Supra Hard drives for Amiga, you can now get a 30mb drive for only 699.95 UKP!)
  • Lattice Announces C++ Compiler for Amiga, Newsbytes News Network, June 21, 1988
    (A new C++ pre-processor allows the C compiler from Lattice to compile C++ code. Only 399 UKP.)
  • New Game Lets You Avert The Assassination of John Kennedy, Newsbytes News Network, June 14, 1988
    (An announcement of the text adventure Guardians of Infinity: To Save Kennedy by Paragon Software.)
  • Airadne Software: AAAE Interface Launched, Newsbytes News Network, June 7, 1988
    (Airadne Software Ltd. announced the AAAE Interface, which allows Amiga computers to control Laserdisk players and video recorders. It is said to be a big step in video editing on the Amiga.)
  • Commodore Show: Amiga Price Down: Massive Ad Campaign Announced, Newsbytes News Network, June 7, 1988
    (Reports of the Commodore Computer Show in London. The Amiga 500 was cut in price to 399.99 UKP, and they announced a 5 million UKP advertising campaign to start in July.)
  • Kind Words Hits the UK, Newsbytes News Network, June 7, 1988
    (The Disc Company is looking to sell the word processor Kind Words in the UK for 49 UKP.)
  • Trilogic Launches Print Link, Newsbytes News Network, June 7, 1988
    (Trilogic has a new interface that allows you to use C64 printers with an Amiga for only 34.99 UKP.)
  • The Sprite

    This issue of the Michigan Commodore User Group Inc.'s newsletter included mention of their last Amiga SIG meeting where their demoed Sonix and The Director. It also displayed the contents of MCUG Amiga Disk #19.)

    The State

  • Teacher uses computers to enhance art education, The State, June 22, 1988
    (Thanks to Martha B. McClain students at Keels Elementary School are learning to paint on four Amiga computers in her art class. Mrs. McClain was honored by the Gov. Caroll A. Campbell for her work.)
  • The Status Register

    According to thier web site, the CUCUG's Status Register's June News includes: The June Meeting, News Summary, First Killer Demo Contest, Sony Monitor for the Amiga, Presidential Pronouncements.June, Enhanced Sidplayer, CP/M Corner 1 - Why CP/M?, Numeric Keypad subroutine, Amusings.1, and Using the Amiga Ramdisk.

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    Credit: I wish to give all credit where credit is due. First the issue of Amazing Computing was made available to me by Gordon Proudler who sent me a whole box of old issues. Thank you Gordo! The info from the Status Register is from their on-line index at the CUCUG web site. The bit from The State is thanks to the Newslibrary archive web site. The Newsbytes releases are from Newsbytes web site. The info from the Sprite was supplied by the MCUG. The story from Compute was gotten from the Macomb County Library.

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