Wolfsbane for Champions

Real name: Rahne Sinclair
Other known aliases: Mutate #490
Occupation: Hero and adventurer, former student.
Current group affiliation: None
Past group affiliations: Excalibur, X-Factor II, New Mutants, Army of the Goddess.
Major enemies: Cameron Hodge, Genoshan Magistrates.
First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4
Description: In human form Rahne is a slight woman standing 4'10'' tall and weighing 90 lbs. In her wolfoid form she is 5'2'' tall and weighs 120 lbs. She has blue-green eyes and red hair in human form, but the hair turns reddish brown in wolfoid form. In wolf form she is a 32'' tall animal weighing 140 lbs.


 6/20     STR     -4
13/23     DEX      9
13/23     CON      6
10/11     BODY     0
   10     INT      0
   14     EGO      8
10/18     PRE      0
   14     COM      2
 8/11     PD       7
 7/ 9     ED       4
 4/ 5     SPD      7
 5/10     REC      2
26/46     END      0
20/33     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 41

Powers, Skills and Equipment

 1     +1 BODY,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
13     +10 CON,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
20     +10 DEX,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
 3     Discriminatory,Smell,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
10     1D6 HKA,"Claws",vs physical defense,No Knockback(-1/4),Only     
        In Hero ID(-1/4)                                           1
 5     8 Mental Defense     
20     100 Multiform,"100 point wolf form.",second form     
 5     +8 PRE,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
 6     1 BODY Regen,recovery rate: per hour     
20     +10" Running,Only In Hero ID(-1/4),1/2 END(+1/4)            1
40     Shape Shift,"Werewolf forms",limited group of shapes,0 END     
        Persistent(+1)                                             0
 7     +1.0 SPD,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
14     +14 STR,Only In Hero ID(-1/4),1/2 END(+1/4)                 0
 7     Tracking Scent,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
 2     Ultra Hearing,Linked(-1/2),"to Shapeshift."     
 3     Acrobatics 14-     
 3     Breakfall 14-     
 3     Climbing 14-     
 3     Contortionist 14-     
 3     Lang: English,fluent w/accent     
 0     Lang: Scottish,native     
 4     Martial Disarm     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 5     Off Strike     
 3     Stealth 14-     
 5     4/4 Armor,OIF(-1/2),12- Activation(-3/4)     
Powers Cost: 209


Base Points: 100
10     Distinctive,"Mutant",easily concealable,major
15     Distinctive,"Werewolf form",easily concealable,extreme
20     Hunted,"by various mutant haters.",as powerful,non-combat
        influence,harsh,appear 11-
15     Psych Lim,"Protective of teammates.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",uncommon,total
15     Psych Lim,"Conservative.",very common,moderate
10     Public ID,"Rahne Sinclair"
10     Unluck,2D6
10     Vuln,"Sonics",uncommon,x2 stun
20     Vuln,"to all flashes",common,x2 effect
10     Watched,"By Professor X.",more powerful,non-combat
        influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 250

Explanation of the conversion: Rahne's human form is the default low cost form. Her wolfoid form is activated with her Shapeshift and a number of Linked or Only In Hero ID powers. Her full wolf form is based on her Multiform into a 100 point wolf.

New Mutants #16 History: Rahne Sinclair was born in Scotland and was delivered by Dr. Moira MacTaggert, who is the daughter of the powerful Scots Lord Kinross and is the close friend and professional associate of Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the team of mutant X-Men. An orphan, Sinclair was raised by the stern minister Reverend Craig, but she was befriended by MacTaggert, whose ward she became.

Sinclair's mutant power, which enables her to transform herself into a wolf-like being, emerged at puberty. One night when Sinclair was fourteen, she fled in wolf form from a mob led by Reverend Craig, who believed her to be possessed by the devil. One member of the mob shot at Sinclair, inflicting a flesh wound. In wolf form Sinclair ran past MacTaggert, fell, and reverted to human form before her eyes. Recognizing Sinclair, MacTaggert took her under her protection, saving her from the mob.

MacTaggert brought Sinclair to Professor Xavier in America. There Sinclair became one of the first members of Xavier's new team of young superhuman mutants, the New Mutants, whom he trained in the use of their mutant powers.

She traveled to Kentucky with Professor X and the New Mutants to visit Cannonball II's family and aided in defeating a forest fire. There they confronted the evil Hybrid alongside the Space Knights Rom and Starshine II (Rom Annual #3).

After Xavier's school was blown up, she and the other New Mutants encountered the X-Terminators II and their ship who were under attack by a sea monster. Along with Namor the Submariner she helped stop the monster. She and the other New Mutants were invited by X-Factor to live on their ship (New Mutants #76).

After being genetically altered in Genosha so that she could no longer assume her human form and retain her free will she joined in founding X-Factor II. Wolfsbane was attacked by Fenris during the Younghunt, but along with her teammates Strong Guy and Polaris was able to defeat and capture them (New Warriors #46).

Wolfsbane was among the heroes who were mentally compelled into joining the Goddess in her Infinity Crusade (Infinity Crusade #1).

Wolfsbane was among the people invited to the wedding of Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler (Incredible Hulk #418).

She left X-Factor II to be treated by Moira MacTaggart, and later joined Excalibur when they moved to Muir island (Excalibur #90).

When Excalibur disbanded she stayed on the Muir island with Dr. MacTaggart (Excalibur #125).

Wolfsbane Note: The character of Wolfsbane appeared in the X-Men film.

Powers: Wolfsbane is a mutant metamorph who can, through mental concentration, transform herself into a wolf, while retaining most of her human intelligence, or into a transitional form which combines both human and lupine aspects. She cannot adopt any other form but these, nor can she take the form of different kinds of wolves. Her wolf form always has the same physical characteristics, which are those of a wolf a few months short of adulthood. Presumably when Wolfsbane herself becomes an adult, her lupine form will be that of an adult wolf.

Although Wolfsbane can transform herself into a wolf, she is not a werewolf; in other words, there is nothing supernatural about her power. Her transformations are not dependent on the phases of the moon, and she has the same vulnerabilities to injury, as does a normal wolf when she is in lupine form.

Wolfsbane's transformations are brought about only as a conscious act of will on her part, although it is possible that she might turn into a wolf without willing to do so if she were sufficiently frightened.

In lupine form, Wolfsbane's strength, speed, reflexes and senses are similar to those of a wolf's, but are also heightened beyond those possessed by a real wolf. In lupine form Wolfsbane can see into the ultraviolet and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. As a result, as a wolf she perceives things as patterns of heat. Thus, she can see things even in absolute darkness (in terms of what is visible light to ordinary humans). As a wolf she can hear sounds that are beyond the range of human hearing. When she is in lupine form she can also detect scents that ordinary humans cannot, and therefore, she can trail someone by scent just as a wolf or dog can. As a wolf Wolfsbane can judge a person's emotional state and detect any changes in that state as they occur through observing the heat patterns and scents that person gives off.

Wolfsbane retains virtually all of her human intelligence when she is in lupine form. However, as a wolf she might have difficulty at pattern recognition, or in comprehending particularly complicated concepts which she could understand somewhat more easily as a human. She does not possess a wolf's instincts, and therefore must learn how to use her lupine abilities. However, when she is in lupine form, since she then has a wolf's vocal organs, she cannot speak. But as a wolf she can achieve a degree of telepathic communication with Dani Moonstar.

Wolfsbane's transitional form combines elements of her human and lupine forms. In it she retains her full intelligence and is capable of speech. In transitional form Wolfsbane is less agile than she is as a wolf, but she is stronger than she is as a human being. She can stand erect and use her front paws as hands. She is still covered with fur in her transitional form, but the coat is thinner. At least some of her senses in transitional form are more acute than they are in her human form.

Wolfsbane's lupine and transitional forms are more massive than her human form. The source of this additional mass is unknown.

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