The U-Foes
for Champions

Ironclad - Vapor - Vector - X-Ray

Ironclad - Vapor - Vector - X-Ray

  Team leader:  Vector.
  Other members:  Ironclad, Vapor and X-ray.
  Major enemies:  The Hulk, The Pantheon, The Avengers and Heroes for Hire.
  Allies:  They have worked for the Leader and the Controller in the past.
   During their first attempt breaking out of the Vault they followed
   Thunderball.  They have been duped into serving Loki and the Master of
   the World on occasion.
  First appearence:  Incredible Hulk II #254
  Origin:  Incredible Hulk II #254
  About the team: Obsessed with gaining super-powers, the U-Foes
   purposefully duplicated the experiment that led to the formation of
   the Fantastic Four. Although they achieved a substantial set of
   abilities, the U-Foes hold a grudge against the Hulk for disrupting
   their mutation and have sought to kill him on several occasions. But,
   regardless if they are on a revenge trip or acting as flunkies for
   another megalomaniac, the U-Foes crave the supremacy that results
   from instilling fear in mankind.

Chronology of Appearences:

  • Incredible Hulk #254 Incredible Hulk II #254 - December 1980
    Issue Summary: The Hulk seeks in the stars the answer why he always stays alone. An awesome leap launches the emerald giant in orbit. The lack of air renders him unconcious and gravity pulls him back to earth. Waking up as Bruce Banner, he witness of a rocket launch. Inside the control room, Bruce discovers that the occupants are being bombarded by cosmic rays. After a brilliant reprogramming job the ship changes its trajectory returning to Earth. The occupants have been changed by the ray exposure. Now they now call themselves the U-Foes: Vector, Vapor, X-Ray and Ironclad. Blaming Bruce for receiving less cosmic rays, thus getting less power, the four go up against him. Hulk shows up and levels the fight, but these guys are too powerful, even for him. Their lack of control makes the team work inefficiently preventing victory. Ironclad, unable to control his density keeps becomming too dense until he sinks into the ground. Vector deflects himself away from the Earth. Vapor can't control her form and disperses. X-Ray suffers from radiation poisoning. Hulk walks away.

  • Incredible Hulk II #275-277
    Issue Summary: X-Ray exposes himself to more cosmic rays and is cured. He then irradiates his fellow U-Foes with cosmic rays and they gain control over their powers. They decide to take on the Hulk and win. ''As of this moment, the world is unaware that we exist. But, if we were to end the menace of the Incredible Hulk, the name of the U-Foes would be legend! No one would dare stand against us! No barriers would our fellow humans dare place in our way! We could go wherever we chose - take whatever we wished! And the ultimate irony of it is that we could do so with a world heaping upon us the praise reserved for heroes!'' - Vector after the U-Foes defeat the Hulk. They then exhibit the captured Banner on television, but Banner transforms into the Hulk and defeats the U-Foes.
    Incredible Hulk #275 Incredible Hulk #276 Incredible Hulk #277

  • Incredible Hulk II #304-305
    Issue Summary: The U-Foes escape prison but are accidentially deflected by Vector to the Crossroads dimension. They are defeated by the Hulk and trapped in various dimensional prisons.
    Incredible Hulk #304 Incredible Hulk #305

  • Avengers #304 Avengers #304 - June 1989
    Issue Summary: The Avengers Captain America, Gilgamesh and Thor are enjoying a visit to Ellis Island in civilian garb when the Puma shows up to take a construction worker named Charles Littlesky (Portal) back home with him. Charles is a mutant with the the ability to open up portals to other dimensions, but cannot control his power. The Avengers attempt to protect Charles and during the fight Charles accidentially opens a portal to the Crossroads and the U-Foes step out! After a page of recap of their history the U-Foes confront the Avengers in an attempt to kill Charles since they think he could also return them to the Crossroads. Vector displays that he has learned to use his powers to fly. After a big fight Charles escapes to another dimension and the Avengers defeat the U-Foes. X-Ray is knocked out by Thor when he absorbs the radiation from his body, then Thor uses the radiation to knock out Vector and hurles a lightning bolt at Vapor to knock her into unconsious. Fineally Gilgamesh knocks Ironclad out with one mighty punch. They are hauled off by helecopter to the Vault.

  • The Vault Graphic Novel - This story was reprinted under the title Venom Deathtrap: The Vault
    Issue Summary: During an escape attempt at the Vault Vapor follows the direction of Thunderball to neutralize the knockout gas the guards use on the prisoners by turning into cesium. Ironclad works with Goliath III and Titania II to knock down all the concrete slabs that seperate the cell areas. X-Ray helps take care of the Crimson Commando and Avalanche with his energy blasts. She-Hulk then knocks out Ironclad. Hawkeye then blinds X-Ray with a fire retartant foam arrow. Iron Man and Dr. Henry Pym use the Controller's control disks together with Mentallo to mind control the prisoners into giving up. Note: Vector did not make an appearence in this issue, but was supposedly also at the Vault.

  • Avengers Spotlight #27

  • Avengers West Coast II #53 Avengers West Coast II #53 - December 1989
    Issue Summary: After breaking out of the Vault, the U-Foes split up to meet at a hidden base. When Ironclad, Vapor and X-Ray arrive they discover the base leveled and evidence that the West Coast Avengers had shown up and killed Vector. They make their way to the WCA headquarters and attack them for vengence. Vapor tries to kill the Scarlet Witch with cyanide gas but is stopped by Iron Man when he vacuums her up into his armor and then blows her out. Ironclad attacks Iron Man but is knocked away from the fight with a punch. He was probably at a low density at the time because he was coming up through the ground. X-Ray then attacks the original Human Torch and knocks him unconsious with his radiation. The Scarlet Witch then uses a hex bolt to make Vapor turn back to human form. At this point Vector shows up and tells the others that they had been tricked into attacking the Avengers. He had been delayed in making it to the base and when he got there saw the same things they did. He orders them to leave the area bacause they have no real reason to fight the Avengers. Note: The person who set up the U-Foes into attacking the West Coast Avengers was Loki. This was part of his ''Acts of Vengeance'' scheme.

  • Darkhawk #6 - August 1991
    Issue Summary: The U-Foes attack a New York hospital in search of Portal. They face Daredevil, Captain America and Darkhawk.

  • Incredible Hulk #397 Incredible Hulk II #397 - September 1992
    Issue Summary: Upon returning to the Mount, the Hulk, Ulysses, Hector and Paris discover that the place has been attacked by the U-Foes. Vector takes on the Hulk and knocks him out of the Mount and Ironclad takes on Ulysses. Vector then orders them to stop and tells the Pantheon that they will leave if they turn over Agamemnon. Hector uses his energy mace to disperse Vapor, but is attacked by Ironclad. Meanwhile Vector tunnels his way to Agamemnon's chamber. The Hulk makes it back into the battle and slugs it out with Ironclad. Hector takes on Vapor again, but this time she turns into hydrogen and explodes when his energy mace hits her. Hulk then takes out X-Ray by hitting him in the head with a lead pipe. Then he attacks Vapor when she is pulling her exloding hydrogen attack again by hitting her with an oxygen tank and turns her into a water puddle. He then gives Hector a mop and orders him to mop the floor with her! Once Vector makes it to Agamemnon's chamber the Leader teleports in with Rock, Redeemer II, Ogress, Hotshot and Jailbait claiming to want an audience with Agamemnon. Note: During this issue Ironclad is shown to have increased in size and has more control then ever over his weight, being able to make tremendious leaps by lowering it. Vapor is wearing a new costume.

  • Incredible Hulk #398 Incredible Hulk II #398 - October 1992
    Issue Summary: This issue opens up with a massive pile on attack against the Hulk. Jailbait holds him in her energy cage whole Ogress, Rock, and Ironclad punch away at him and Hotshot and Redeemer II fire at him. Vector and the Leader watch this until the Hulk breaks free of Jailbait's attack and knocks them all down. Meanwhile the Leader makes his way into Agamemnon's chamber. Vector then moves in for the kill. In probably one of the most amazing battles in the Hulk's history Vector pours on his power in an continous blast while the Hulk slowly pushes his way twards him. The Hulk is literally shredded to pieces but keeps coming. Eventually he makes his way to Vector and seems to almost be a skeleton with some flesh hangin on it, but still manages to knock Vector out with a swing of his arm. Hulk then falls to the floor and regrows his missing flesh and hair. Vector has done damage that no foe of the Hulk has ever managed to do before, he has destroyed the Hulk's pants! Agamemnon and the Leader then show up and call off the fighting. It seems Aggy came to an accord and the Leader, his henchmen and the U-Foes are free to leave.

  • Incredible Hulk #401 Incredible Hulk II #401 - January 1993
    Issue Summary: This issue wraps up some story lines from the last three issues of the Incredible Hulk. Although the U-Foes were not in the giant sized issue 400 special they have a few pages in this one. The U-Foes are shown to be locked up in a holding cell at the Leader's headquarters. Omnibus shows up and tells them that the Leader is dead, killed by the Hulk, and that they are no longer needed. He teleports them to the surface and drops them near where the Hulk is sitting thinking the events of the last issue over. Ironclad decides to take out his frustrations on the Hulk, but the Hulk procedes to beat the tar out of him. Vector then tells Hulk to let Ironclad go and they will leave peacefully. With the Leader gone they have no reason to stay. The U-Foes walk off carrying a dazed and confused Ironclad. This is they story up to page number 9. The U-Foes are not seen for the rest of the issue.

  • Heroes For Hire #001 Heroes For Hire #1 - July 1997
    Issue Summary: At the Vault, the maximum security detention center for super-humans in Colarado, a SHIELD ship lands with a last minute prisoner drop-off. The Guardsmen are almost immediately disabled by an unseen assailant and the prisoner himself while the two SHIELD agents watch. The four then release many of the Vault's prisoners and escape in the SHIELD craft while a mysterious woman in white watches. The foursome report to their Master who orders them to wait for thier next mission. In the New York headquarters of Oracle Incorporated, Iron Fist is training when he hears of the breakout at the Vault. Jim Hammond consults with Danny; both agree, something has to be done about the lack of heroes in the world. In the American Southwest, the Hulk is leaping through the sky when he is knocked unconscious by the U-Foes, Vapor, Ironclad, Vector, and X-Ray who then attach a device to the Hulk's neck. Iron Fist confronts his old friend, Luke Cage and asks him to work together again, but Luke has no interest. At the United Nations in New York, several top scientists are taken hostage with the Hulk somehow involved and Danny goes to free the hostages. He is joined by the woman in white who reveals herself to be the White Tiger. They agree to work together and observe the U-Foes, with the Hulk downloading the knowledge of the scientists. Hercules smashes his way in and Fist and Tiger leap in to help him. While White Tiger battles Vector, Iron Fist confronts the Hulk and removes the control disk from his neck. With the Hulk free, the four heroes defeat the U-Foes who then flee. Following the incident, it's revealed that the control/knowledge-transfer disks were a product of the Controller. While being interviewed, Iron Fist proclaims the creation of Heroes For Hire; a group which act as hired employees to those needing help for a nominal fee donated to one of Oracle's charitable causes. Heroes For Hire's first three members are Hercules, White Tiger and Iron Fist. Unknown to the newly born H4H, they are being watched by the U-Foes' master, who is none other than the Master of the World who has the Controller held captive.

  • Heroes For Hire #002 Heroes For Hire #2 - August 1997
    Issue Summary: Iron Fist, Hercules and White Tiger are battling Nitro in the Alantic Coast Rail Yards. Hercules defeats Nitro by throwing a tanker of natural gas, forcing him to disperse, risking his teammates' lives. Iron Fist realizes that Hercules is drunk, much as he was when he attacked the U-Foes. In Luke Cage's theatre, he is attacked, defeated and kidnapped by the U-Foes. Dane Whitman, once the Avenger known as the Black Knight, has been offered a position at Oracle Inc, by Jim Hammond, both in the team and as a scientist. He is visited by the Lady of the Lake who transports him to Avalon and names him the new Pendragon. She gives him mystical armour and a flying steed named Strider. Dane awakes the next day, unsure if what he experienced was real, a dream or if he's going mad. Dane arrives at Oracle and is greeted by his former comrade, Hercules, who is drunk again. Hammond offers up the theory that since losing his immortality, Herc may not realize that he can't handle alcohol as he could before. White Tiger reports that Nitro has been spotted again, this time attacking the stock exchange. The team goes off to battle him, leaving Dane at Oracle. The Heroes confront Nitro while Hammond and Dane watch on. Dane decides to become involved and says "Avalon," his new mystic armor appearing. He calls on Strider and races off to help the Heroes. Elsewhere... Luke Cage awakens to find himself a prisoner of the Master!

  • Heroes For Hire #4 Heroes For Hire #4 - October 1997
    Issue Summary: The team of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, White Tiger and the Black Knight are battling a mish-mash of super-villains including Shockwave, Orka, Killer Shrike and Whiplash aboard the USS Intrepid, a former military vessel now serving as a museum. During the battle, White Tiger changes to her tiger form to defeat Whiplash. After the battle, Misty Knight, Danny's love interest, who contacted them, takes the criminals into custody. In the Master's stronghold, the U-Foes refuse to follow the Master's orders to allow themselves to be captured in a mission to throw the Heroes off their track, and inform him that this will be their last mission for him. Dane has a vision of his trip through time and admits he fears he's going mad just before Iron Fist contacts the team with a lead on the U-Foes. The team meets him at Laguardia Airport where Danny explains that the Controller has been slipping his control disks on wealthy businessmen. The U-Foes and Controller appear and attack the Heroes. After Luke defeats Ironclad, he is attacked by Iron Fist who is under the control of the Controller, and the two fight. White Tiger destroys the control disk, freeing Danny. Vector attempts to activate his teleporter but when he does, the U-Foes and Controller are electrocuted and lose consciousness. From his watchpoint the Master details how he planned the event, and the U-Foes will remain comatose until he needs them. As for the ... Controller, the Master had implanted a control device in his brain, but it is now destroyed and if he should ever awake, will be free to act on his own. At Oracle, someone attempts to force entry, and Sersi appears, demanding Dane. She is hysterical, ranting about the Celestials and then collapses.

  • Heroes For Hire #12 Heroes For Hire #12 - June 1998
    Issue Summary: Hydra Island, which had been sunken beneath the ocean bursts forth, downing a small plane which sends out a distress signal. On the Island, Luke cage is impressed with the Master's new stronghold. The Master reveals that he plans to release Compound Omega which will sterilize the human populace, allowing him to choose who can and cannot reproduce. He also plans to send out an Electro-Magnetic Pulse which will disable most weapons systems world round. When Luke mentions the possibility of super-humans, the Master presents Strike Force One; a group of super-humans cloned from H4H, with the exception of Luke who is already on the Master's side. The Master also has as a high priority the murder of Iron Fist to prevent K'Un Lun from coming to earth. Luke asks how the Master found out since he hadn't had the chance to tell him. The Master reveals to Luke he has another plant in the H4H team, one he does not consider as reliable. At Oracle, Jim Hammond details their mission, to go after Luke, re-capture the scientist Hessler and to take down the Master. The team; Black Knight, Ant-Man, Hercules, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Thena and White Tiger; are all prepared for battle. Hammond announces he will personally lead the team into battle and demonstrates the ability to generate and control a fireball. Hammond urges anyone who is unsure of their place in battle to stay. The team splits in two, taking two Atlantean cruisers to Hydra Island which they located thanks to the distress signal sent out by the plane it knocked out of the air. Tiger insists on going in the same cruiser as Iron Fist. En route, Iron Fist reviews their files on the Master, but wishes they had more info. White Tiger reveals that she has had dealings with the Master before. She was created by the High Evolutionary to seek out and destroy the Man-Beast, a previous creation who was pure evil. The Master contacted Tiger through the U-Foes with a proposition; in exchange for retrieving an item for him, he would give her the location of the Man-Beast. She obtained the item, and he revealed the Man-Beast was being held in the Vault. With their business done, she somehow detonated the item she gave him and fled. When she arrived at the Vault, the U-Foes were breaking the prisoners free and Tiger lost track of the Man-Beast. She then moved on to New York looking for assistance. Hammond is angry that Tiger didn't mention the Master's involvement when the team battled the U-Foes. Tiger explains that she thought the Master was dead and everyone had been connecting the U-Foes to the Controller so didn't think it mattered. Iron Fist excuses since she's inexperienced in the world and he trusts her. The cruisers are almost to the citadel. Onboard the Island, Luke is questioning the Master as to why he chose Luke as an ally. The Master mentions Luke's father but moves on to focus on the Atlantean craft approaching and orders them shot down, but not killed. On board Iron Fist's craft, Hammond urges Tiger, Ant-Man and Fist to escape and he'll attempt to bring it in manually. Ant-Man shrinks down and flies on Ignatz to safety while Fist and Tiger use the builidings to slow their descent. Thena and Dane have also taken to the air while She-Hulk and Herc have stayed with the ship. Everyone makes it down safe and Hercules even found the experience exhilirating. The Master appears and offers them an ultimatum; join him or die. Iron Fist refuses and asks the Master to free Luke from his control. The Master tells Danny that Luke is not his to control and presesnts Strike Force One; Demi-God (Hercules), Knight Errant (Black Knight), She-Cat (White Tiger), Stinger (Ant-Man), Dragonfist (Iron Fist), Behemoth (Hulk) and Amazon (She-Hulk); who he orders to destroy the Heroes for Hire, with a special focus on Iron Fist. Thena is about to strike when she is hit from behind by Jim Hammond who doesn't know what he's doing temporarily but is being controlled somehow. Thena has no choice but to stop him even if it means destroying him. The Master has sealed himself and Luke in a private chamber in case he needs to release Compound Omega in its most potent, lethal form. The Heroes battle Strike Force One but seems to be evenly matched. Eshu announces that they have reached the point in the atmosphere where he will release the compound. Luke grabs the Master and throws him into the flight controls, sending them into outer space where Luke plans to release the compound into the void, harmless. Luke leaps at the Master. Outside, Hammond somehow transforms into his old, Human Torch form just as Thena is able to disable him. The Master knocks Luke for a loop with a blast from his armour and moves to release the Compound before they're in outer space. Luke uses a power cable on the Master while, outside, the Heroes are defeating Strike Force One with team work. Luke is able to destroy Compound Omega but not without inhaling some of it himself and he passes out when the Heroes find him. They escape on board escape craft as the Island explodes in the upper atmosphere. On board the escape ship, Hammond lies inert and Luke is near death. Danny forms the Iron Fist and sacrifices his life energy to restore Luke's. Luke awakens to find Danny dead.

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