Supergirl II

for Champions

Real name: Linda Danvers
Other known aliases: Matrix, Mae
Occupation: Hero and adventurer, former student
Current group affiliation: Justice League of Amazons, ally to Superman, Superboy, Steel and the Eradicator
Past group affiliations: Former agent of Lexcorp
Major enemies: Cyborg II, Lex Luthor
First appearance: Superman #16 (Matrix)
Description: Linda is a good looking teenage girl standing about 5'7'' and weighing about 120lbs. She has dark hair and blue eyes. As Supergirl II she wears a blonde wig to help conceal her identity.


40     STR     30
23     DEX     39
23     CON     26
10     BODY     0
10     INT      0
14     EGO      8
18     PRE      8
16     COM      3
12     PD       4
 9     ED       4
 6     SPD     27
13     REC      0
46     END      0
42     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 149

Powers and Skills

24     8/8 Armor     
 8     10" Running                 2
23     26" Superleap,x4 Non-Combat 8
 1     Disguise 8-     
 2     KS: Occult 11-     
 3     PS: Artist 12-     
Powers Cost: 61


Base Points: 100
15     DNPC,"Supporting cast.",normal,appear 11-
15     Hunted,"by various villains.",as powerful,harsh,appear 11-
15     Psych Lim,"Wants to live up to her reputation.",very common,
15     Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing.",common,strong
15     Psych Lim,"Believes in truth, justice, etc.",common,strong
15     Rep,"Super heroine.",occur 14-
15     Secret ID,"Linda Danvers"
 5     Unluck,1D6
Disadvantages Total: 110

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 210

Explanation of the conversion: I'm not too sure on the exact strength or speed of Supergirl II, so I may have to adjust this as I research her character more.

History: Timemaster stole a second of time to create a pocket dimension and inhibited the apparition of all heroes but Superboy. However, the criminals of the Phantom Zone got there and killed him. The Luthor of that dimension managed to create a protomatter form from the cells of the late Superboy and gave it the shape of a woman, inspired by Lana Lang, sending her to the real earth to get the help of Superman. Unfortunately, the pocket dimension was already destroyed and Matrix got reverted to her protomatter shape before Superman killed the three criminals using red and green kryptonite. As the pocket dimension was erased from existence, Superman took Mae to Smallville with Pa and Ma Kent, where she slowly recovered a human shape.

She eventually became romantically involved with Lex Luthor, whom she thought he was like the one from her universe, who was benevolent. Supergirl II was his puppet and even joined Team Luthor when she was helping keep Metropolis safe during the Death of Superman.

Adventures of Superman #502 When the assassin Stinger attacked Superboy at a staged event at the Hobsneck Bridge Supergirl II unexpectedly showed up. Stinger decided to leave as she was not part of his contract. Before leaving, however, he placed a series of explosive charges and blew up Hobsneck Bridge, burying the two heroes in the rubble. Luckily the heroes survived and were able to save a great many lives (Adventures of Superman #502).

Despite her strong association with Luthor, however, Supergirl II remained good at heart and recalled the good lessons Ma and Pa Kent had taught her. Soon, Matrix learned how Lex planned to create an army of Supergirl II clones, and she finally accepted that he was evil.

Action Comics #706 Supergirl II then returned to Smallville to spend time with the Kents. On the way there she saved a man from a collapsing carnival ride. She then attended a farm equipment seminar on new technology with the Kents and stopped a rampaging computerized farm machine (Action Comics #706).

Steel #22 Supergirl II joined up with Alpha Centurion, Superboy, Steel and the Eradicator to free Superman when he was captured by the Tribunal (Steel #22).

Supergirl #1 Matrix went to the town of Leesburg to answer a call from Fred and Sylvia Danvers. They told her that their daughter Linda was missing and they suspected that she had been kidnapped by a satanic cult. Linda Danvers was having her own personal teenage crisis. Unable to live with his parents, she moved to an apartment, living from her sculptures, sold at local craft fairs, as she never finished high school. Linda viewed Supergirl II as her role model and frequently found herself sculpting the superheroine's form in her artistic endeavors, but an evil demon named Buzz had played upon Linda's loss of faith in those around her by drawing her into his cult in preparation for using her as a human sacrifice to the otherworldly creature known as Lord Chakat. Supergirl II managed to reach Linda before the sacrifice took place, but not in time to save her life. With Supergirl II filled with grief over her failure and Linda feeling overwhelmed at how her life was ending before she could set right what had gone wrong, the two reached out to each other, and at the moment of death, Supergirl II merged her protoplasmic form with that of Linda's, and the two became one.

The blending created a new and unusual entity. However, for Linda Danvers, who had fallen far from grace, it was an entrance into a world seen through the eyes of a being who only looks for the best in others. For Supergirl II, it was a connection to humanity and the granting of a human soul. Together, they are a new and powerful incarnation that is, quite simply, an earth-born angel. An angel on earth with wings of flame, serving to protect the interests of both mankind and God.

Supergirl #50 In the battle to defeat the Carnivore, her demonic nemesis, Supergirl II sacrificed her angelic powers (Supergirl #50).

She found herself powered-down and searching for her better half, the superheroine portion of the Linda/Supergirl II team. It looks to be a long journey. Now, Linda is traveling through the states looking for Mae.

Linda Danvers Powers: Supergirl II has minor superhuman speed and strength. She can lift several tons and run at at least 60mph. She is resistant to physical harm, able to survive small arms fire without damage, but she could be hurt by small artillery. She can leap one eighth of a mile in a single bound.

Formerly Linda had the ability to transform into Supergirl II, who was taller and had blonde hair. In that form she could fly, had telekinesis and flame vision.

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