Scattershot for Champions (300+150)

"Decepticons are like rust spots - they're ugly and they can pop up anywhere!" - Scattershot

Real name: Scattershot
Other known aliases: Scatterbot (name of release in Italy.)
Occupation: Technobot leader.
Current group affiliation: Autobots/Technobots
Rank: 8
Past group affiliations: None
Major enemies: Decepticons, particularly the Terrorcons.
First appearance: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7 (Dreamwave comics), Transformers: Headmasters #1 (Marvel comics), Grimlock's New Brain (television series).
Origin: Grimlock's New Brain (television series).
Description: Scattershot is a 24 foot tall red and white robot who turns into a Cybertonian space ship.


56	STR	16
12	DEX	 6
23	CON	26
16	BODY	 0
14	INT	 4
18	EGO	16
22	PRE	12
10	COM	 0
13	PD	 8
13	ED	 8
 4	SPD	18
11	REC	 2
46	END	 0
41	STUN	 0
Characteristics Cost: 116

Powers and Skills

20	EC (20),"Transformer powers"	
22a)	14/14 Armor	
27b)	6 LVLS Growth (stats already included),Always On(-1/2),0 END	
	 Persistent(+1)                                               0
13c)	Shape Shift,"Cybertonian Space Ship or Cannon",limited group	
	 of shapes,Concentrate(-1/4),Cannot change form if he takes	
	 over half BODY.(-1/4),0 END Persistent(+1)                   0
 5	5 Flash Defense,Hearing Group	
40	16" Flight,1/2 END(+1/4)                                      2
19	Life Support,doesn't breathe,safe in vacuum/pressure,safe in	
	 heat/cold,immune to aging	
27	MP (34),"Movement",Only in appropriate form.(-1/4)	
 2u	2" Flight,x125 Non-Combat                                     0
 1u	15" Gliding	
 2u	18" Running,1/2 END(+1/4)                                     2
70	MP (105),"Weapons",OIF(-1/2)	
 5u	10D6 EB (Sonics),"Sonic weapon",vs physical defense,OAF	
	 (-1/2),NND(+1),Defense: Flash Defense                       10
 5u	2D6+1 RKA,"Automatic Acid Pellet Gun",vs physical defense,	
	 OAF(-1/2),65-125 Charges(+3/4),Penetrating(+1/2),x10	
	 Autofire(+3/4)                                               0
 7u	7D6 RKA (Electricity),"Megavolt Pulse Cannon"                10
 7u	4 1/2D6 RKA,"Missiles",vs physical defense,13-16 Charges(0),	
	 Explosion(+1/2)                                              0
 5u	4 1/2D6 RKA (Fire),13-16 Charges(0),OAF(-1/2),Area Effect	
	 (+1/2)                                                       0
 7	Radar Sense,Linked(-1/2),"to Shape Shift",OIF(-1/2)	
 3	Radio XMIT/REC,OIF(-1/2)	
14	56 STR,1/2 END(+1/4)                                          0
 3	Combat Piloting 11-	
18	6 Levels: with Weapons Multipower.,tight group	
 3	Navigation 11-	
 3	3 Rng Levels: with pulse cannon,Only in cannon mode.(-1/2)	
 3	Tactics 12-	
 3	WF,Rifles,Heavy Weapons	
Powers Cost: 334


Base Points: 300
15	Accidental Chg,"to robot form if stunned.",common,occur 11-
20	DNPC,"Humans in need of saving.",incompetent,appear 11-
10	Distinctive,"Giant Robot",easily concealable,major
15	Hunted,"By anti-Autobot forces.",as powerful,harsh,appear
 5	Physical Lim,"No hands in vehicle mode.",infrequently,
10	Psych Lim,"Blustery",common,moderate
10	Psych Lim,"Gruff",common,moderate
15	Psych Lim,"Code vs. killing humans.",uncommon,total
20	Psych Lim,"Persistant, never gives up.",common,total
 5	Rep,"Heroic alien robot.",occur 8-
10	Rivalry," with other high-ranking Autobots.",professional,PC
 5	Unluck,1D6
10	Watched,"By Autobot leaders.",more powerful,non-combat
	 influence,mild,appear 11-
Disadvantages Total: 150

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 450

Explanation of the conversion: Scattershot's Flight and Gliding only work in vehicle form, whereas his running only works in robot form.

Starscream attacks the Technobots in Transformers #50 History (Marvel comics): Scattershot and the Technobots were among the Autobots who joined Fortress Maximus in leaving Cybertron for the planet Nebulos (Transformers: Headmasters #1).

Followed to Nebulos by the Decepticons under Scorponok, Fortress Maximus' band left Nebulos for the planet Earth (Transformers: Headmasters #4).

Scattershot was present when Grimlock fought Blaster for leadership of the Autobots on Earth's moon. The Autobots were then attacked by the Decepticons lead by Ratbat (Transformers #41).

Scattershot and the other Technobots were severely damaged by Starscream when he gained cosmic powers from the Underbase (Transformers #50).

Scattershot leads by his actions, not his words. This brawling, bragging berserker's idea of strategy is to wade into a Decepticon patrol with all barrels blazing and not withdraw until has out of ammo or out of enemies, whichever comes first, and he expects his followers to do the same. Anyone who disapproves of his tactics he considers a "tin-plated buckethead." At times, given his rude, gruff manner, Scattershot seems more like a caricature of a career soldier than a real one, but this blustery, often comical demeanor can't disguise the valiant warrior underneath - one who will shed his last drop of fuel, if necessary, for the Autobot cause.

Trivia: On the Transformers television show, the voice of Scattershot is played by actor Stephen Keener. On the Transformers television series the Technobots were created by the Dinobot Grimlock to fight the Terrorcons when Grimlock temporarily gained super-intelligence. There was a Chinese made knock-off of Scattershot which was very similar to the original.

Scattershot Powers: More than any single ability, Scattershot is known for his stamina. He'll continue fighting even after his joints are wracked by metal fatigue. In vehicle mode, he's equipped with a powerful 700 megavolt pulse cannon in his nosecone. Wing-, side- and turret-mounted guns shoot an awesome array of sonic, thermal and artillery shells. He can fly at a maximum speed of 1,900 mph, with a range of 10,000 miles.

Scattershot In battle station mode, he can utilize the same weaponry with even more precision once he deploys his omni-directional radar screens. In robot mode, he carries a 500 rounds-per-minute automatic acid-pellet gun, which can turn an enemy robot into a pile of slag in a matter of moments. Scattershot combines with fellow technobots Afterburner, Nosecone, Lightspeed and Strafe to form the super-robot Computron.

Weaknesses: Aside from collapsing due to exhaustion because he's pushed himself beyond the point of endurance, Scattershot has no specific weaknesses.

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